24 January 2011

Seriously inspired

So this entry is a late entry but for good reason. I won't say much because it's almost 2am and I should be fast asleep already but I just wanted to say you know how sometimes you hear or see something that just clicks in your head and you feel like you've been shown the light? After watching the extremely funny and very humble Butch Bradley, he gave an advanced comedy workshop today. Not only did the things he say make sense and shed so much light towards my comedy career but his passion to share his experiences really inspired me because it matched one thing I believe in.

In comedy, and in life, it's not so much the accomplishments but the things that happen along the journey that really build up your vault of personal experiences and stories you can tell. As I've said before, to me, it's more important for me to be able to sit and share something with someone than to, say, buy them dinner and go "so, good weather eh?"

I was at the MAD 2011 forum on Saturday and I was talking to some of the participants in the afternoon and it was a lot of fun hearing their questions and sharing my experiences in the last few years and how it's shaped my views on my future and hopefully inspiring them. Had I not gone through all the pains and things I'd been through, I'd be like any other boring person and give very text-book answers that everyone knows like "well, you know, no pain no gain! So keep working at it". I mean, everyone knows that, but tell me a story where the idea of no pain no gain really paid off and proved to be the right way of thinking!

Ahh, well this coming week is going to test my endurance as a performer because I have 3 big gigs back to back to back starting with Legend 4, then hosting the Chinese show at TakeOut comedy, and then 2 shows in a day for New Life Mental Health Association. Then I get the Sunday to recover and more work on Monday! I love it!

One thing that Butch said tonight that really touched me was "sometimes I just stand there and absorb the world when I'm in a strange place and nervous and remind myself 'comedy got me here'...". Just that idea, knowing that I'm given the challenges and opportunities in my life now because of the decisions I made and challenges I embraced before, has got me fired up to tackle this crazy week. I was seriously feeling mentally drained thinking about how much I have to get done this week but you know what, I'm glad life is pushing me to my limits and with everything I've done, and heard so far, all these things combined...
...I am....seriously inspired.



Blogger Chi said...

You know, reading your stories inspire others alot. I often read your site via google reader so I can't always leave comments, but it is very positive energies you are sending out. Keep it up and a very good Chinese New Year to you

31 January, 2011 11:43  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Chi, thank you for your comment! I'm happy things I write inspire you! I read all my RSS' in google reader too! Ahah so we've both got good techie taste!
I guess after all the things I've read and all the people I've met who've inspired me, this is my way of repaying the world for what it's given me :)
And the funny thing is, the more people are interested in hearing stories, the more I want to experience so the more I have to share! It's a win win cycle!
Happy Chinese New Year! May all your dreams come true! We can all make them happen!:)

31 January, 2011 11:55  
Blogger Chi said...

Thanks Vivek,
Good Karma, I like it! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

06 February, 2011 23:04  

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