19 December 2010

2010 Closing Credits - Almost edition

Ahhh, finally some time to just sit back and tend to my blog. After a hectic week and emails piled up, etc. I can finally sit back and just listen to some Herbie Hancock and type.

It's that time again when the year ends and everyone gets excited for the next one, new year resolutions get thrown around and everything is going to be perfect starting from 1 Jan 2011! At least that's the plan :). I was reviewing my goals and targets for 2010 and I'm proud to say I achieved the ones that remained as goals as of today. Some of the goals I wanted to achieve in the beginning of 2010 slowly lost its priority in my list and eventually got scrapped.

Having re-read my last entry of 2010, I didn't realize some of the things I used to think. Where lighting was my environment was a fresh concept to me. Today it's super normal to me where I literally don't have my room fully lit up unless I'm cleaning. I almost always work in darkness except for the light over the area I'm working at (eg. light over my computer desk).

Last year, music to work by was Lounge music, this year it's Jazz.
Last year, I was still trying to discover the best environment for myself with regards to lighting, this year it's all about ergonomics. I have recently ordered a new Haworth Adflex table just for that. I realized that my current dark brown table had a major flaw, it was a littttlllleeee bit too high for me to be totally relaxed. Yes, I have reached the point where these minor issues bother me. Partly because I'm sitting at the desk for so many hours, I want to be relaxed. Also, one thing I learnt at the Haworth showroom was how a white desk vs a dark brown desk can  have such a big impact on your energy levels. When I was talking to the lady helping me with my desk selection, she asked me what color desk surface I'd like and I said "just go with black so it doesn't stain" and the first thing she said was "really? You'll get tired easily" and it never occurred to me that this could very well be a factor as well. I later started looking at furniture differently, asking myself "does this make me relaxed or excited?" not just "do the colors go well?" anymore.

Also, this time last year I was stuck on my painful HP iPAQ 920c PDA phone. Man I used that phone to the max! Everyone who has ever had to use that phone has complained about how crap it is, yet while I had it, I made the most of it. Eventually I upgraded to the uber lovely Samsung Galaxy S and never looked back! I am extremely happy with my investment because just being able to listen to audio books conveniently is already money in my pocket! That's another new thing this year, my passion for audio books!

Drumming wise, my goals last year was all about speed but over time speed has slowly lost its sweetness to me. Sure it sounds awesome but it sounds flat... stuff played fast can't really be enjoyed the same way you would. It's like having a large dose of chocolate vs slowly letting it melt in your mouth. It's a different enjoyment. Not to say I don't want speed, but I've decided that it's time I became a musician at my drum set rather than a machine. I've finally started taking lessons from the wonderful Don Ashley and have decided to start all over again. Going from the foundation up (and boy do I have lots of gaps in my foundation!). The reason for this is also because my band, Eve of Sin, is kind of going through a reborn process ever since we've had to move our band room (and we're aiming to have it up and running before 2010 ends!!! RAH!). Everyone in the band (ie. 4 people, we don't have a bassist) is basically upping their game because we've found that the only way to go is to think big. We don't want to just think of ourselves as a Hong Kong metal band. It's like saying, if you're in the C-grade swimming team and you come 1st, you're just the best of the worst. Don't get me wrong, HK has some serious metal bands that are awesome and have broken out into an International level, but we're hoping to add some extra glory to it :) I guess it was also after watching Chthonic live and realizing they were a neighboring Asian band living our dreams! If they can do it why not us?!

Comedy wise, last year I was still dreaming about doing my own English 1 man show, heck last year I hadn't even ever stepped into a MMA ring to do any sort of announcements! So this year it's really just making this aspect of my life always follows the Japanese word Kaizen. Making sure my current performance upped the game from my last one, whether it's smoothness in my delivery or an upgraded version of an old comedy bit or just controlling my voice better as I growl out excitement before two guys go at it in a ring!

Well I have a good 12 days to get myself sorted out and ready for the new year. January 2011 already has a whole load of stuff lined up for me to tend to and rock out at....awesome. Just the way I like to start my year :)



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