31 August 2010

The quick one, it's too sunny to write :P

So it's a minor blog entry and well it's going to be a quick one.

I just did a guest performance at TEDx Hong Kong and woah, it was awesome! TED! Well TEDx (an independently organized TED event). I had to go tend to my own things later on during the day so I couldn't stay longer but the few speakers I heard were interesting. One talked about using Bamboo to replace timber, another talked about how climate change is affecting people near the arctic and finally another spoke of camera technology on phones... lots of interesting ideas.

And the best of it all is that today is a really lovely day and seeing as it is, I'm not going to lock myself up at my computer blogging :P See ya! It's time to enjoy the sun! :)


Anonymous Kempton Lam said...

Hi Vivek,

Had a great time watching you performing live on the web. You are a funny man. Love your stuff.

Calgary, Canada

P.S. Would have loved to see you deliver one or two Cantonese jokes. I am sure you have a few jokes that you can do comfortable in both English and Cantonese. I bet there are some (short) Cantonese jokes that English speakers can get the gist of the jokes.

Keep up the good work and keep being funny!

01 September, 2010 01:24  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey there! Thanks for your kind words! Im glad you like my stuff!
If you ever come down to Hong Kong let me know, the live shows are even better (well I've also grown in the last few years as a comedian ;P)
I have a few bits that work in both English and Cantonese, but usually there is some adjusting involved in the delivery no matter how hard I try. But then again, I want to challenge myself to come up with new bits rather than recycle in different languages :)

04 September, 2010 01:51  

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