21 August 2010

Karma in the jungle

And here we are, 10 days after my last entry. Today's a big day for me, because we have a big All Indian Comedy Show tonight called Karma Komedians. I'm excited and nervous about it. Not stressfully nervous but just excited nervous. I don't know what to expect and I have to do a whopping 40 minutes tonight. I'm really not sure how that's going to happen but it just will.

So I've been reading the book 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot and I am loving this book! Sure last entry I said I wasn't blown away but now I am! Some of the things it talks about are really fascinating, comparing things like does Mozart's music have long term effects on your intelligence? And many other interesting thoughts that popular culture has us believe in a certain way..... I'm almost done with it. I read about decision making yesterday and it talks about concepts of letting your sub-conscious make the decisions and how to work with that. If you haven't read that book, I recommend you check it out, it's quite an easy read, especially since it touches on so many topics and basically tells you what you need to hear, not a long lecture that you'll probably forget.

The next book that's on my list is the newly bought (also with gift vouchers heheheeh) Sun Tzu For Success: How to Use the Art of War to Master Challenges and Accomplish the Important Goals in Your Life. I couldn't help it, it looked too tempting and the amazon reviews seemed quite good about it. And heck, it's Art of War people!!!!
This month's been a real shopaholic month for me, with a new Kindle on its way for my mother (she uses my Kindle DX which means I don't get to use it while it's with her). I was also (once again) this close to buying a new phone for myself because I am just so freaking fed up with my current one but the sad thing is, it still works, I'm just fed up with it. Kind of like saying I could use a makeover but it's not something I need :P

I also indulged in a new Hallmark bamboo scented diffuser and it really is awesome! My room smells like..well the jungle! Ahaha but the cool thing is, every night I combine it with the lovely sounds generated by naturesoundsfor.me and voila! I enjoy the sound of the beach, owls, etc. in the middle of this concrete jungle I live in... and my Phillips living color set to green combined with the bamboo fragrance sure does wonders after a loooonnnggg hard day!

The thing is, work has been quite wild for me lately, I've been helping out the guys over at 8five2.com set up some blogs. Things are still work-in-progress but the cool thing is, they've been very helpful with suggestions and enhancements (like ideas for better display on the iPhone). Man it's getting to the point I feel like I need to get an iPhone just to test out apps and websites on it... this is insane!! I got to find an emulator to use.....

Things have been awesome with the band lately and we've worked on 2 brand spanking new songs with one of them really challenging my endurance (at least my ankle speed) but not so much that I'm out of control. I'm glad things are working smoothly again and we've all matured as a team. Things are so much more fun now, I really do look forward to jamming ever week. And speaking of the band, we're heading over the Macau tomorrow. Ahaha talk about  a packed weekend!

Anyways, the next 10 days are going to drive me mad but at least I know no matter how crazy it gets, I can always hide out in my humble little jungle, close my eyes and enjoy it :)

Time to get ready for tonight's show!! Rock on!

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Anonymous Kimmy said...

Good luck (not that you need it) - you'll do fine as always! what?! you have a Kindle - those things are awesome! A word of advice, drop your phone in the MTR or the streets of HK (that's what I did, unintentionally though..) = new phone :p

21 August, 2010 17:54  
Blogger Sbalani said...

Hey Vivek! Saw you at the Karma Comedy Show last night! Absolutely Brilliant! I just thought I'd drop by and say Hello! and Lo-Behold to my surprise you're a designer! I'm a new media artist myself, I love getting in touch with designers all over so drop me an email-fb-twitter (sbalani), I'd love to pick your brain about a few things :).

FYI- the Apple free SDK comes with an Iphone Emulator of sorts (You gotta dig around their site a bit)

23 August, 2010 12:02  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Kimmy, ahhaha well I did it, I got a new phone!! Samsung Galaxy S and to be honest, it's well worth it, even though we're only 24 hours into it, woah, my life has changed a lot now! :D Ahaha my productivity is going to ++++++++++++++!!!! :D

Hey Sharan, thanks for your message! I got an emulator for the iphone, it was silly of me not to just google it straight away :P But I added you on facebook :) But Im not a very fast FB responder to be honest but we can talk there too :) It's good to see a fellow media artist, not a lot of us in HK, especially being indian ;)

25 August, 2010 11:43  
Blogger Sbalani said...

Hey! Awesomesauce! Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to, I'm not based in HKG, I'm a stone's throw away in the Philippines, working as a creative director. How is the Samsung S Galaxy?!?! I've been raking my head between that and the Motorola Droid and the Desire. As you may have noticed I'm a photographer, so the Desire's lack of flash is killing me :(. But I'm quite attached to the physical design & UI of HTC, havent had a chance to play with the samsung, how is it?

you must be on Gchat now then right?

25 August, 2010 11:49  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

The Samsung Galaxy S is awesome. Ive read a tonne of reviews before getting it and everyone had great praises for it.
I recommend this phone although it's a bit expensive, depends on what u use it for. The galaxy S also doesnt have flash but then again, I dont plan on taking any "good" photos with a mobile phone anyway....
I dont use GChat much because if i get on chat, I end up chatting all day and nothign gets done :P

25 August, 2010 12:44  
Blogger Sbalani said...

LOL well so much for easy communication xD >.< well, I've added your email ,so let me know if you're receiving on your phone with that, as I've got a few non-public questions i wanna boggle your mind with :D. With regards to flash, its no biggie, most sites are moving to HTML 5 anywho (I just wish they'd standardise webkit or something :( ), so my biggest concern is "smart" capability, and that it has a descent camera for cataloguing photography/design Ideas or inspiration around me. I have a bberry atm, and I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE seeing something that gives me a lightbulb idea only to not be able to recognise diddly squat on the screen.

I'm debating on the Iphone 4, since it has a magnificent camera, and with multi tasking it pretty much does everything I want it to.....but I'm a google whore xD I use google products as if microsoft would curl up into a ball and die tomorrow xD, so the integration is nice....

25 August, 2010 12:50  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahahah yea same here, I love google's stuff and pretty much my whole workflow is based around their products (Except their TASKS is lacking.....)
But I guess what I love about the android is that every company has their own little tweak and the main thing is, I dont have to be stuck with the same monotonous phone as everyone else... it's like everyone wearing the same armani shirt. Sure its not bad quality but it just loses half its flare by being everywhere....

30 August, 2010 12:03  

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