11 May 2010


I've come to realize it's been quite a while since I decided to take myself and go for my lovely random walks to nowhere. I really miss that peaceful time I often spent with myself, where I'd follow no schedule other than my mood and as long as what I wanted was within budget (my bank account has no feelings) I'd go for it. I'd randomly see the next movie in the cinema nearest to me, or even eat a frozen yogurt provided I kept walking while munching it away. Heck, I remember once even taking a bus, getting off in the most dead area where I could almost see no signs of anything to do or enjoy, and just keep walking until I get somewhere.

Walk. I was reminded by this when I checked out this song:

Yes, for all of you who didn't realize, that's Walk by Pantera. I've been doing a lot of studying of the band and their style titled "groove" metal is very obvious now that I've actually put a conscious effort into figuring out the drum beats. There's so much to learn there.
I would really enjoy just listening to their songs and going for a walk, heck it sure as hell felt good listening to Walk while working out at the gym! :)

Tomorrow's Tuesday and my schedule is quite empty. Wait, I mean my calendar, as in I don't have any meetings lined up, but my to do list is massive. Holy crap, it's actually really overwhelming. I think the fact that I've gotten more and more organized is actually draining me faster because it has all become such a functional system that it no longer used to go "out of order" every now and then but has become a very efficient (and thus energy-consuming) system. Problem is, I'm finding it harder and harder to replenish that energy in time to keep things going smoothly. Who would have thought over-productivity would not be good either.

The cool thing is over the years I have learnt so much about myself (like how long a certain type of food keeps me full or how long it takes me to mentally be relaxed enough to work again), I am able to plan my days better than ever now. In fact, every night before sleeping, I have to plan the next day, which really kicks start so many things. I know I mentioned this before, but it deserves a reminder. Just going to bed knowing you have tomorrow down to the hour, you sleep so much better and know you're going to kick start your day!

But it also tells you what you cannot do. I know I'm not going to be able to just go for a random walk tomorrow because honestly, my schedule is packed as hell! I've got projects I have to tend to that really should have been dealt with a few days ago.

So the last 10 days have been awesome. I have to say awesome because I finally expired doing 4 comedy sets around Hong Kong all in less than 10 hours! Ahaha 5 sets if you make it 20 hours! It was awesome, do a set, pack up, travel, do a set, pack up, travel, do a set, pack up, travel, do a set, pack up, burn out. Ahaha the more I do this the more I realize I really enjoy performing. Especially since 2 of those 4 sets was for a fund-raising comedython, the joy of knowing people were giving to a good cause thanks to my (and others') performance was so satisfying. Kind of like instead of me just taking out my wallet and donating on my own, I created something that caused 10 other people to donate instead. I guess it's that satisfying feeling to know that something I created made a difference. What may have seemed like an innocent piece of humor had such great impact. I'm slowly understanding a true artist's mentality of making a difference to the world. I mean, heck I bet when Pantera was still a bunch of youngsters back in their glam rock days, none of them would have thought how they'd influence someone like me! The more I listen to their music and really study it, the more I feel like I missed out before when I used to just listen to it blindly. I mean, it's not wrong to freely listen to music, but to really study it takes you to a whole new level, the details, the creativity, woah.

I guess in some ways it even trains you to realize that everything in life is deeper than you realize. Heck, when I first started drumming, it confused me how someone could practice for 8 hours a day and still feel it wasn't enough. Heck, my practicing just 1 hour a day feels like I'm barely scraping the surface of what I want to learn....

Speaking of 1 hour a day, my comedy writing has taken a turn for the worse, partly because I'm struggling to find a way to get back into the routine of writing daily. With drumming and my exercise, I have a great functional plan. However, with comedy, what's happening is that things are everywhere, messy and I often don't get to review where I was, what I wrote, etc. properly which is slowly killing my process. I've been spending a bit of time reading about how other writers work their stuff out but none of their methods/processes are what works for me :\

Anyway, it's like 2:30am and I got to wake up in time tomorrow so my schedule doesn't get thrown out the window, so I shall stop here, and only hope that in 10 days my comedy career will be taking off again in terms of new material.



Blogger Quin said...

i liked what you wrote about randomly walking anywhere that pleases you. i do the same thing, though not by walking, but driving. i like driving without directions and maybe just follow whichever signs i deem interesting.

i live in kuala lumpur, malaysia, and we don't exactly have walkways like you have in HK. however, you did inspire me to just go about experiencing random things on my own, simply enjoying my own company. =)

11 May, 2010 20:31  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Aaha, well I don't have a car so I kind of have to rely on my little feet to do the moving. But then again, as you said, HK's got soem great roads to walk and heck, it's not worth owning a car here really..

Well I'm glad I inspired you to spend some "me-time" and enjoy your own company, I've always believed that had I not spent that time with myself, alone, chances are I won't be the person I am today, I'd probably still be guessing who I really am and what I really liked by following the next best thing.....

Have a great Wednesday, take a moment and just go "ahh... I'm awesome to hang out with :)"

11 May, 2010 21:21  

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