24 January 2010

21+ days = habits formed or failed

First of all, if you haven't heard the song called Empire State of Mind II by Alicia Keys, stop everything and check it out. I heard it for the first time while watching an episode of The Colbert Report and have become addicted to that song. Very inspiring rhythm and lyrics. Even though I'm not in New York right now, I can relate to a certain extent :P

Now back to my late blog post. So we've hit past the 21 days of 2010 so that means any new years' resolutions that haven't been forgotten have probably become habits by now. Sadly, a few of my goals have been really, really tough to keep up with and achieve. My little chain of writing comedy every day and practicing my drums hasn't happened. It's really the 4th week of the year and it feels like the 4th month to me. Seriously. I feel energized and drained at the same time. Energized when I think of all the 5735302492402 things that have happened in the last few weeks but drained when I realize that some things still feel incomplete. For starters, this entry is 4 days late! Argh! But I've honestly been so busy I haven't had a chance to gather my thoughts and write them here. Seriously, in the last few weeks have included everything in my life, from announcing matches and results at Legend Fighting Championship (Photo by Terrence Yam):
To playing with my band on that Friday, to performing comedy at Dada lounge, doing comedy for a charity gig, giving a speech at a secondary school at the uber far Tai Wor to performing at M-a-D! Heck I was even asked to be a hand model for a watch because they needed a hairy arm :P Ahahah finally, my body hair is useful! :D

So I write this post because here I am on a Sunday night, half mentally exhausted because my mind really needs a break, half physically exhausted, running around all day and being put to the stress test with performing, working and basically staying alive does take its toll on you. I've got a sore throat and it seriously sucks because coughing like this cannot be good for the lungs and heck just coughing tires me out! I've been watching a lot of MMA recently because it's just so freaking fascinating! I can't seem to get enough. Speaking of MMA, if you haven't, go check out the photos from Hong Kong's first MMA experience by Legend Fighting Championship they got new photos up. Good stuff!

I was planning on getting back on track today with my work and stuff but I can feel my mind is seriously begging for a break so I'm going to do that and try to get some early zz's tonight.... let Monday come and I'll be rested and ready to blow the world away with productivity. And if I'm not... well that's not an option with the amount of stuff I got to tend to.

Woah, now I don't know what to do to rest myself most productively..... I need help :P



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey just saw your performance last night at poly U. it was awesome. i think i had the biggest laugh at your solo part. have to confess that i didn't know about you before last night. but it's great now that i do, more laughs in my life from now on :)

31 January, 2010 13:04  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you had a great time! :D It's always encouraging and satisfying when I make people laugh :) At least it re-assures me that all my "painful" memories wasn't worth nothing after all. :)

31 January, 2010 13:05  
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