05 December 2009

The shut down

Here I am, lying on my bed, sick.

Well not sick like oh-my-God-I-can't-stop-puking, but sick like I-don't-seem-to-have-the-energy-to-move-because-my-brain-has-shut-down sick. I'm officially burned out today :). Why smile you ask? Because I finally feel guilt-free at doing nothing. Well not really nothing. I've been playing Tales of Monkey Island and boy was that refreshing and catching up a lot on my reading. I've come to realize that everytime I speed myself up productivity-wise, I find myself stuck in the same depths of "oh I don't have enough time". For example, I've recently adjusted the way I organize my to-do list so that I receive SMS messages reminding me at certain time to do something, that way, I don't have to care about constantly checking my to-do list while I'm out just to make sure I don't forget one item in my outdoor list. However, with this new found "relief", I've found myself filling up that "relief" space with some other thing I want to get done. OCD? Aaha maybe.

So for today's Day 10 entry, I'm going to give myself a vacation and lie here and watch some comedy instead. So, see you in 10 days! Get some rest if you need it (you probably do :P)


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