15 November 2009

Late night snack edition

Hello, hello! So you may be wondering "woah? You're awake at 2:50am?! I thought you wake up at 6am!" well, I'm about to go to sleep and no I'm not planning on waking up at 6am tomorrow, it's not going to happen, sad but true. I've been totally thrown off the 6am principle because of work and comedy. I guess it's a constant fluctuation for me and I can only remember that great feeling I used to have, waking up at 6am to the freshness of a new day.

On a brighter note, the weather's gotten cooler and I'm able to use my right leg to walk up (single) stairs! YAY! You have no idea how happy I was when I could go up stairs like that, it's all finally coming back! I feel like I'm able to conquer the world again! :)

On another brighter note, Paul Ogata is in town and I got to open for him this past Wednesday and hosted the show on Thursday. It's always great to watch the master at his best as he works the room and pretty much unoffensively mocks anyone :) I have to say, I admire his attitude that you don't feel like he's belittling you, but instead make fun but in a good, positive way. It kind of motivates me to push myself a bit more whenever I'm performing in front of professional comics in a show because I feel like I want to reach their level or something and sometimes I throw myself into pits while on stage and hope for dear life I don't sink into my own hole.

So we had black Friday and usually that's one the luckiest days for me but so far this black Friday did nothing for me, other than dealing with work I suppose. I did have a phase of burnt out running through me that day though. I mean, I literally didn't want to do anything, not just work, but I mean anything! I get that every now and then, oddly, when I get it, I know what it is, but mentally I just can't pull myself out of it. After some sleep and stuff, I'm back to normal. Like tonight, I'm quite pumped. I'm pumped because I just returned from my 10-year high-school re-union. It was really a pleasure to meet all my old classmates, at first I thought it'd be just....we... boring small talk but oddly, everyone just got right into it, no "ohh it's so long! How's the family" yadda yadda yadda, but it was like we all just met last week and were meeting again 7 days later! Then they even showed some photos of the old times and that really got to me. I mean just watching all that, brought back so many happy memories. I did miss those old days but it was not a missing that I wanted it back, but just it reminded me that there were some really good times with these guys and I was happy to be there and meet all of them. After all, I spent so many years of my life with them, day in and day out! :)

I guess this day 10 entry is about how things from 10 years ago felt so normal, but 10 years later, they were treasures. Those photos really became treasures to me and when we took a group photo, I was really quite happy to be in it because I knew, in a few years, this'll be something worth remembering. I also made sure to film down the humble little 10 minute comedy set I did during the gathering so I could always check it out years and years down the line.

So this has actually re-enforced me about my logging habits and that I know in some time, I'll be happy that I did with all this effort. I mean, stuff like my blog, when I started it over 2 years ago, it was just a simple sharing of my thoughts, but now it has become a great resource for motivating myself and reminding me of where I was and where I am. So here, I'll say it, log people log!

It's 3am now and I really should hit the sack, I got myself all excited for tomorrow because I'm going to give a new online logging tool called Disciplanner a try and see how it goes. I'm also throwing myself in the deep end of learning advanced things with Sonar and boy, it may seem simple at first but as you go deeper, the power behind this piece of software is amazing!

And speaking of sounds, I've been reading my brain book and it covered a chapter about music and about the differences for genders and the mind. Kind of explains a lot about why we have the typical "guys do and girls talk" idea, it roots to the typical male vs female brain design and how things are wired. It even explains stuff like why certain things are inherited by the guys but not by girls, etc. Freaking mind-blowing really!

Woah, come to think of it, these last 10 days have been quite......packed for me. Not wonder I hit a low point of near-burn-out this week.

Oh well, we got a lovely cool Sunday awaiting tomorrow when I wake up so I'm going to head out to the sack and hit some zzz's! Speak to you in 10 days! :D



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