05 October 2009

Last day in Salt Lake City

Howdy! Woah, I'd never have thought I'd be writing a blog entry from Salt Lake City, Utah!
How is Hong Kong? It's been 2 weeks since I've been home that I've forgotten what humidity even feels like!
I've been travelling around the US and we went to:
  1. Washington DC
  2. Baltimore
  3. Philadelphia
  4. New York City
  5. Albany
  6. Salt Lake City
and our next stop is Pasadena! I'm still trying to register that I've been to all these places! I've met so many people and eaten so much (seriously, my pants are tight, I don't need to use a belt anymore lol) but the best highlight so far is that I got to touch snow! Like proper snow! Now just sleet, but snow that can be made into snowballs and snowmen!

My right knee is 98% back to normal but I still wear my brace when walking on the streets just to play safe. I still have uneven legs where my right leg is thinner than my left due to muscle wasting from all these days of not using my right leg. Sigh. My fitness level has returned to what it was a year ago so I've done a full circle. I started seriously working out in November 2008 and we're in October 2009 and I've had my high times when my fitness was at its peak but now I'm back to (if not worse than) what I was this time last year. Ahh well, at least I got to enjoy a lot of super, duper yummy food!!

So what have I learnt from this whole trip? Well one main thing is that humans are humans after all. Even in America, there are the same problems you face anywhere in the world. You've got the rich, you've got the poor, you've got the dull, you've got the creative. As much as the States is indeed a place of opportunity, it is also a place of many failures. I guess the main interesting thing is the amount the US focuses on arts. In Hong Kong, the arts is often under-rated and overpowered by more practical things like maths. In fact, the arts has an underlying power that most people don't realize. How many times have you watched a movie and felt motivated like never before to do something? How often have you listened to a song that touched you deeper than anything you felt from a text book? The way the arts can affect you at a deeper level, can easily influence you without you knowing.

It's quite similar to marketing. Through smart marketing, companies can manipulate your thought process by making you relate to certain things. In the same way, so can art. In many ways, people can use the arts to convey a message much better than they could ever do with plain words. Watching Basketball Diaries can drill the harm of drug-use into a child's brain much better than any father-son talk if you ask me.

This is the one main thing I'll be taking back home with me. Oh and a few pairs of Van shoes (Yum and a blue pair!) I bought along the way. Mmmm vans shoes. I'm a happy soul. Off to pack my suitcase and get ready for bed! Speak to you again in 10 days, from ol' HK!:D



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