14 August 2009

The blog from across the globe

Hello there, how is everything? I'm writing this from Tenerife in Spain as I'm attending my cousin's wedding. Haven't been to this part of the planet in almost 15 years! Woah, I have barely any recollection of visiting this place and oddly, I'm here now.... blogging! Lots has happened and I've got a nice tan from all the time in the sun. I visited my sister in Cambridge, England then my cousins in Gran Canarie and now here in Tenerife. It is so bright my eyes are actually tired from squinting. I haven't seen so much sun in my whole life! The sun sets at around 9pm daily! It's quite bizarre because this is exactly what I always dreamed about. Having the sun stay up and go down just when it's time to sleep, not when it's time to eat dinner.

So why am I here blogging?! Well it is 11pm now after all, we've spent the whole day doing wedding-stuff and I'm trying to stay up-to-date with my to do list. Speaking of to do lists, now that I've been on the road I've been noticing my holes in my be a mobile warrior mentality. First of all, I've been exploring the importance of trying to find the perfect balance between having your tools on you and having them accessible from anywhere (as long as you have an Internet connection). I'd always been an avid Drop Box user, but the one downside to it is the lack of Windows Mobile access. So I did some research and discovered Sugar Sync. I must say, so far so good, I'm liking it more than Drop Box. The one thing that sold me is its Windows Mobile support. One thing I know I almost always have with me is my PDA. So this worked great, some tools that you'd normally carry on a USB thumb drive now get stored on my Sugar Sync account and anytime I need it, connect to my account via my mobile phone (PDA) and voila, I'm all set!

Another thing I'd notice being problematic for me was my to do lists. I'd always relied on my windows mobile device and Microsoft Outlook 2003 on my home computer to take care of everything. The problem is, being on a trip of 3 weeks means you're going to have to use your mobile device as your primary to do list manager. As much as it's convenient to have on you, having to poke away at it all the time gets quite frustrating. After a while, I just got tired of working with its tiny screen and felt like giving up. I went back to my roots (the days when I first began my GTD lifestyle) and found my good ol' Remember The Milk website (the first to do service I used!). I signed up for a new account just to start things fresh and have been spending a little bit of my down time re-familiarizing myself with the interface and trying to find ways to make it even easier to use (and also faster) than with Outlook. The major issue I was having with Outlook is its inability to allow me to be truly mobile. With Remember the Milk, I now can enjoy its services anywhere and should the day come I have no Internet access, well, thanks to Google Gears, I can still use the application offline. Fantastic. When I return to Hong Kong and have gone through using this service for a month, I'll probably pay the upgrade price and get the extra services (namely MilkSync) which allows me to use my mobile device just like I do now, but instead of syncing to Outlook, it syncs to my Remember the Milk account.

On the offline end, I've been reading the book DaVinci Decoded. It's by the same author as How to Think like Leonardo DaVinci, a book I love (read my earlier posts in this blog, you'll see how long ago it was when I read that book!). So far so good, it's not as good as the one about how to think like him, but it's a good refresher course. I bought my own copy of Art of War and also came across another book called The Back of the Napkin. It's about using drawings/images to solve problems, I was quite fascinated by this concept and also figured this'd be useful for me. I know a lot about this technique, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to learn a few extra tips/tricks through this book. I've been giving myself a refresher course on the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, but I'm leaving that reading for the plane. I've got a loooongg trip out of here :P. I was reading The DaVinci Method on my way here but halfway through the book I felt it was constantly repeating itself. I really don't like books that just keep going on and on and on about the same thing (ahah yes, I know you're pointing at my blog as nothing better).

So I return to Hong Kong at the end of August and it's back to putting the nose to the grindstone, but hopefully I'll have a fresh mind to see everything. The world awaits (when I return of course :P)

Enjoy the next 10 days!

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