05 September 2009

Brace yourself!

So check this out, I've managed to hurt my right knee from swimming in HK waters. Yes, while swimming. Ok so that's the short story, I really injured it when trying to swim/jump across a metal tube in the water that held the shark nets of the beach and while confusing myself for a dolphin, my right knee hit the bar and hyper-extended, pulling the tendons and damaging the soft tissue. Ever since, I've been in a leg brace that doesn't allow me to do anything other than stand up (har har, I'm a stand up comic, har har) or lie down.

So for the past few days, life has been moving very, very slowly for me. To the point, I've decided to just sit at home today and take the day off. Literally. This is going to be the shortest blog entry, ever. Because it ends here :).


Anonymous mina said...

friend, get well soon~
may the god bless you:)

哈哈,如果你覺得悶的話,不如睇吓呢個節目啦~ 香港傑出窮人系列:窮 富 翁 大 作 戰

係講4個黎上流社會的人係五日內體驗基層生活的真人秀,啲有錢人試吓去做露宿者/執垃圾/茶餐廳侍應 ~好好睇!我岩岩先睇完3集!

09 September, 2009 22:01  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Mina,

I just saw that video, it's good stuff! :D I'll watch more of it.. quite interesting to see... really makes you stop and appreciate what you have :)

11 September, 2009 15:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go man.
Howya been? Apart from the leg brace I mean.


17 September, 2009 20:51  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

With the leg slowing me down, things have been quite hectic really. Especially since I'm off to the US in a couple of day, been trying to tie up loose ends as much as possible. Going to have to move from a dual 20" set up to a tiny 13" laptop for 3 weeks... yikes.

How are you? Travelling much?

17 September, 2009 23:58  
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