15 October 2009

The Hong Kong foo-e!

I'm back home! Lovely, lovely ol' Hong Kong!
I must say, my jet lag has kind of worked to my advantage. Ever since I've returned, I've been waking up at 6am and loving it! I'm not feeling sleepy or anything, just feeling... alive! It's 11:50am and I've gotten so much stuff done! Sure it's been almost 6 hours into my day but it's only 11:50am! Mentally I feel like I've still got the whole day ahead of me!

So one lesson I've definitely learned to enjoy is that waking at the break of dawn is awesome. Not only do you make the most of sunlight, you feel ahead of everyone. Now, when I have stuff to do but want to go to bed, I just sleep, knowing that I can wake up at 6am and tackle it and still be ahead of all my clients. Not to mention I can throw in my drum practice/gym session before I even start work, getting that out of the way is fantastic!

As you can see, I'm kind of boiling with excitement because there is so much happening and I'm trying to stay calm. First things first, I'd like to share with everyone my lovely addition to my life: My Kindle DX! May I just say, as pricey as it is, it's definitely worth it. I've got my ebooks on it and can't wait to rock out and read everything! I finally can separate my reading hobby from work (because everytime I'm at my laptop, I always get distractions here and there). Now I can read all my books I've been longing to read but didn't want to lug around with myself.

Speaking of kick ass books, I'm currently reading (in paper version though) The Owner's Manual for the Brain. I saw it on my last day in the US before going to the airport at Barnes and Noble and fell in love with it after skimming through a few pages. This is exactly what I wanted to read and learn about! Currently, putting aside the fact that the book is super thick, it's super worth it! I'd have loved to have it on my Kindle but they don't have it in that edition. To prove to you how much I wanted this book, I even paid the full retail price of US$29.96 (+taxes, making it a bit over US$32) when I could have ordered it via Amazon for US$20 (but then I wouldn't have the book with me now, it'd have to get sent to me). I couldn't help it, I just had to the read the book.

Another killer thing is that after coming back to Hong Kong, a lot of my "plans" I had thought up while in the US is working out. Now that my knee is pretty much back to normal, I'm able to practice drums and work out again. In fact, I already went to the gym this morning and may I just say 8:30am at the gym is awesome! It's practically empty! Everyone's left to go to work! :) I really hope I maintain this 6am habit of mine, though it's going to be a bit tough during the weekends with my stand up comedy gigs at night that usually last until midnight at least. I need to be in bed by 10pm!

Another new addition to my family of gadgets is the Shure SRH440 headphones. I finally couldn't accept my AKG K81DJ headphones anymore because the wire kept screwing up! After searching and trying a whole bunch of headphones, I came across these Shure headphones and it blew me away with its clarity (though I kind of need to add a bit of equalizer to my music to give it that extra kick sometimes). I didn't know the price but thought to myself there's no way in hell I could afford these but it only cost US$100 (ie HK$780)! Woah! Nice! And then I thought to myself, something's got to give, they're not going to have stock! And sure enough they didn't. But after a bit of snooping around at other stores, I found someone else selling it for the same price and now I'm listening to lovely SOMA Space Station with these.

So now I'm happy but worried about my credit card bills :P Yikes. Well that means it's time to work and make me some dough! So here I am, refreshed after my trip and energized and ready to go. I've got a whole long list of to do's ready to tackle and around 6 hours before I have to head down to the Comedy Club for this week's Comedy Festival Events.

One thing I'd like to share with everyone that I learned on my 3 week trip away from Hong Kong was the power of saying "hey man, let it go". While I was there, sometimes I'd be in my hotel room, all charged up because I'd gotten that great idea that would help my work a lot but I wasn't physically in Hong Kong so I couldn't do it and after a while I just learned to let it go. I used to have that problem before where I'd get frustrated internally and often got disappointed in myself but now I just try my best to tell myself "hey man, let it go". It's quite interesting to realize that almost anything in life can be somehow ignored and eventually it'll fade away (not necessarily in a good way, but it will fade away). Of course, the only thing that you can't really ignore are bills. Damn.

Have a great 10 days and stay charged up and relaxed at the same time! That's how I feel right now!! RAH!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Vivek,

Welcome back and Happy Diwali!!


16 October, 2009 22:04  

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