09 January 2010

The cutting edge of being late

Woah, 11:53pm! I was this close to being late for 2010's first day 10 entry! Yikes! Ahahah this is the last thing I have on my to do's for tonight.

Well that's not really true, I was supposed to finish off a few mock ups for a project I'm working on and well I got a bit delayed today with everything and now my brain has decided it's had enough. I've been intoxicating it with constantly repeating the lines I'll have to say during my announcements at Legend Fighting Championship in a couple of days. I'm as much excited as I am nervous to be honest. It's a good kind of nervous though, you know the kind you get when say you have a surprise you can't wait to tell someone but you have to hold it inside of you because you know it's not the right time to do anything. That's what's going through my mind at the moment.

So 2010 eh? The toughest thing on new years is getting used to writing 2010 instead of 2009. To be frank, it hasn't registered that it's 2010, it feels like 2009 still. Oddly I felt like it was a new year on 1 - 3 Jan, but once the 4th came and my usual work/life poured back in, things didn't feel all that different anymore. Well for one, my room's a mess again now because I have seriously had absolutely no chance to actually clear it! Can you believe it? It's been basically wake up, do stuff, run around, deal with this, deal with that, come back, do more stuff, feel totally exhausted mentally, sleep. Wake up, repeat, for me. I mean, it's no surprise but seriously, woah.

The cool thing though is that when January is done, I'll be able to look back and smile at how much stuff I've managed to accomplish in 1 month :P This month I have comedy gigs, band gigs, freaking announcer gigs and well, my usual web projects :) Woah, talk about covering all bases!

Anyway, on a more positive note, I've been spending a lot of time fine-tuning my systems, especially my GTD system so that I'm mentally prepared for dealing with day-to-day tasks (eg. recording my sleeping hours, etc.) Now, I no longer find myself wasting precious time re-reading my to do list because to a certain extent, a lot of the daily tasks are habits now and I know the typical routine. My mind has also learnt the priorities of these tasks (eg. reading my RSS feeds in the morning is not important and thus is only done should I have extra time in the 1st hour of my day, otherwise it waits till before I sleep or the next morning). I've also finally figured out a proper way to store all my comedy ideas/notes in one place because my bad habit of writing ideas anywhere and everywhere was getting out of hand to the point I would sometimes lose sheets of paper I wrote ideas on, or even throw them away when I retrieved them simply because I was in a foul non-comedy/idea mood when I found it.

I've also gone lava lamp mad and have been spending a bad amount of time staring at it while I should be working instead. The combo of my constantly changing light with the movement of the lavalamp has some psychedelic thing to it, like while I'm staring at it, I go into some sort of trance or something.

Maybe it's also the awesome tunes Grooveshark is spitting out at for me. Maybe I'm just so tired my mind is playing tricks on me.

My brain's also quitting on me now and I should head off into the ZZ land. I got to go on the radio and talk to the press from the morning to the afternoon :P Sunday sleep in? What's that? :P

Enjoy 2010! :D



Blogger paulyeung said...

hello Vivek Ashok, my name is Paul , i want contact you for a Chinese Standup Comedy
my email is fbactivities1@hotmail.com pls kindly leave you contact information to me, Thank you^

15 January, 2010 22:29  
Blogger Chi said...

Hey Vivek,
I was at the Legend FC last week, was kinda surprised to see you being the MC, but it does make sense with all your on stage experience.
Thought I let you know you did a good job. I would say your english was a little bit more natural then your chinese announcements but that could be because i never been to a chinese tournament before.
Have a great 2010 bro

16 January, 2010 13:17  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Chi, thanks for your comment. The Legend FC gig was a great experience for me (let alone a dream come true :P)! It was nerve wrecking but exciting to have to be bilingual on stage. The chinese part felt awkward to a lot of people when I was practicing the weeks before the gig because it's unusual. But like anything, a bit of time and you'll find it normal. Heck, some of the names of submission techniques sound lame in Cantonese but cool in English too :P
But thanks again for your kind comment, I look forward to the future events! Only improvement towards perfection awaits!

Good luck on your 2010 resolution too!! Eat healthy and live happily! :D

17 January, 2010 11:56  

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