08 April 2010

Earliest + Shorted Blog Entry Yet

Good morning everyone! It's 5:25am and here I am getting ready to go... go off to Taiwan... go off to Taiwan to watch Lamb of God live... go off to Taiwan to watch Lamb of God live with my band mates!

Every time I go on a trip, somehow things just have to get hectic on the last day here. I'm running on a little under 4 hours of sleep and it's freezing cold here. But no matter what I make it to the trip and it is awesome.

So here's to the next 4 days in Taiwan and enjoying some time without my phone ringing constantly combined with a little sinful pleasure that I allow myself on every trip overseas -- eating anything and everything! Let the fattening up and satisfaction of my taste buds begin! :D

Take care of Hong Kong while I'm away! :)



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