01 August 2010

Slashed into pieces

Howdy! For everyone who was at the Slash concert, may I just say I felt like a young kid when he played the good ol' Guns N Roses songs? Oh man, I think I was probably 10 years old and things like "Tower Records" still existed in Hong Kong when I came across GNR...!

At the same time, it was awesome just being there and watching such a legend play! Just knowing that I'm a musician just like Slash is really motivating. Heck, it's inspired me to push myself even harder with my drummer (and so far things are working out, woohoo!).

On the other hand, having watched Tim Young doing stand up the week before also got my creative juices flowing and heck, I've got some new bits that have worked out nicely! I just came off a fantastic Chinese stand up comedy show last night at Champs Bar and even though the crowd was smaller than usual, they were a great crowd! Really responsive and smart! They were up for a good bout of wits and well, everyone killed and the audience loved it! :)

We're in the beginning of August which also means I'm all warmed up for the 2nd half of 2010! Lots of stuff to look forward to like the upcoming Karma Komedians show, then the crazy comedy festival and well the list goes on. The cool thing is, my comedy-writing flow has finally kicked off well with me getting that itch of "oh I don't feel right not having been writing today" :) That's a good sign of a healthy habit or deadly addiction. I'll take the first choice please!

So I recently watched the movie SAW and boy did I love it! It wasn't so much the gore that interested me, but more like the story behind all that stuff, when that drug addict woman admitted that after all the torture she went through, she actually got helped, it really rang bells and one of my top quotes that I live by "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" was flying everywhere! I've got the whole saw series and I plan on goring it out and burning my eyes with it. But today's far too good a day to be wasting it sitting at home staring at the same screen I look at most of the week.

On another note, I've also started a re-marathon (yes, re as in I've done this marathon before....) of the good ol' Indiana Jones movies. Ever since Lucasarts decided to remake the Monkey Island games (yes! This is the #1 game I've ever played in my life!) I've had to jog myself down memory lane everything lucasarts related! I am this close to re-installing games like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (which was my first adventure game I ever played and ever since then, I was hooked, I needed every single Lucasarts game in my blood!!!), but I know once that's on my computer, it's bye bye productivity! :P But the interesting thing is, I think having played all these puzzling adventure games really helped shape my thinking. Heck, if you expect to play Sam n Max hit the road, you better twist every sense of logic in your brain because the solutions to that game's problems was oh so bizarre!! Ahhh I loved it though, the 100+ hours I probably spent on each game was so worth it. Oh my goodness, not to mention the Alone in the Dark series!! Ok I better stop.

August also marks the month in which I screwed up my right knee on a junk trip last year and on a positive note, 1 year later it's all good. Well ok not all good, I still feel it's got some sense of weakness in it, but at least muscle-wise I'm back baby! No more super thin right leg because I can't put pressure on it! Squats, I love you so much more now! :) On a different note, I tried wake-boarding and boy did I suck. But now that I've had time to think about what I was doing, I realized that I was trying to control the board too much, to the point I was fighting it like I was saying "look I know what I'm doing! Just let me deal with you alright" when clearly I had no clue :P I guess that's a habit you develop after having to run a business that runs into problems you probably never encountered but at least know that you will somehow figure it out. Heck, that's like everyday to me, somehow things just work out one way or another. I was reading on Zenhabits that sometimes, the best goal is no goal. In some ways I agree, and some ways I don't. There's a fine line between being adventurous and being lazy. I guess the key point is to know that as long as you're doing, it doesn't matter too much if it's something you had planned to do or not. Much like when people ask me where I see myself and my life in 5 years, I often admit that I don't know, not because I haven't planned ahead but because there are far too many variables that planning 5 years ahead is like trying to predict the lottery numbers, it's possible but really unlikely. As long as I have general goals like "I want to be a great comedian", whether it means in 5 years I have my own TV show, or DVD or whatever doesn't matter, as long as each day I'm becoming a better comedian than I was yesterday, I am in some ways moving towards being a "great" comedian. Heck, my goal for today may not apply tomorrow! Who knows!

And in some ways that idea of no real goals is liberating. And speaking of liberating, it's time to get out and enjoy the blue sky! Wahoo!! :) Have a great 10 days!




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