21 May 2010

The bad sleep begins

This is really strange. I've been sleeping quite badly lately, waking up feeling tired and my eyes hot. I don't know if it's because of the hot hot hot weather and the fact that I will not turn on the air-conditioner (well partly because there's a nest of birds on the a/c and if I turn it on, it'll disturb them. Actually these birds come here every time, this is like their home now. Even after a storm or typhoon, they come back here to rebuild their nest...heh

Well I have officially not practiced drums for 4 days (today being day 5) and I feel horrible about it. However, I am actually mentally quite tired from the whole week and if I were to practice anything today, it'd be a joke really. I think I've reached a point of Central Nervous System exhaustion where I am just... tired form inside. The good thing is today is Friday and it's Buddha's birthday so I can kind of get away with really resting a bit. Although I have a comedy show tonight, at least it'll give me the day to get some relax time.

I started re-watching the Killswitch Engage: Set This World Ablaze DVD. It's interesting to see that even bands like that have gone through what every small and unknown band goes through. Playing shows for 2 - 10 people in the audience. I remember some of our shows have had literally 4 - 5 people standing there cringing and they try to understand how we're calling ourselves musicians.

I have to say, it brings me great motivation when I just watch the progress of my band, well most of my bandmates. We're all taking this band more seriously than ever and it has been showing. Last night some of us met up to discuss plans for the future and also work on our new band image/logo/font. We got tired of the old style because too many people were using that font, from barber shops to even movie titles! Yikes! Well at least it forced us to really think about our logo this time because we're not going to change it. On another note, it has also forced us to better understand the roots of Eve of Sin, both the meaning of each word, the meaning to us as a band and the meaning behind how it has grown and matured.

Damn, the more I think about my band, the more I just want to go practice some drums even if I'm not feeling physically up to it! Ahaha I'll give myself 30 mins of rest and then see if the food I just ate has digested and filled up my muscles :)

Well, this entry is more like a step backwards as I've been realizing more and more that I need to learn to stop and rethink if my strategies are working. For example, my comedy writing idea of changing writing time to 9:30pm has completely failed me. Like completely, not only have I not written as much as before, now when it's 9:30pm, my creative juices are completely non-existent and all I want to do is finish what I have on hand, not add anymore to it :P

I guess it's understandable. I've also read about how different people have different time cycles for different things. Some are more creative in the morning, others at night and so on. I've got my drum and workout times right, my work time is also clear now, but my comedy writing time is the one that gets sacrificed right after rest time :P...I guess somehow my brain feels it's too relaxing and can be given up??! Anyways, so here's to the long weekend and a chance for me to step back and re-work the way I perfect the 24 hours I have each day. I have 240hours to perfect this before I come back here and share my results with the world!!




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