01 June 2010

The shakiness begins again

Woah, it's been a while since I've felt this overwhelmed with...stuff. I mean seriously, I haven't seen my to do list empty in the last 10 days no matter how hard I try! I was supposed to re-think my daily 24 hour schedule so I could better slot in my Chinese comedy writing, but I have literally written 0% comedy in the last 10 days.... damnit.

Well, on a brighter note, today is the first day in a while since I didn't need to have a packed day of meetings, so I'm at least able to focus on my own things today (well by own I mean actually sit and clear my 58353853028042 to do's!). So far no good. Ahaha, my inbox has been growing all morning so for every 1 thing I get done, suddenly 2 creep up :\.

And here we are in June, the 6th month of the year. In 30 days we'll have reached the 50% mark of 2010. Woah. That's really quite intimidating. Heck, today's already the 152nd day of the year! 152 days already! Woah!

So after a year and a half use of my lovely iRiver E100 mp3, I've finally caved and decided it needs to be replaced. The slot where I insert my headphone jack was loose and I could barely listen to 10seconds of a song without crackling and other noise. Yes I want clarity in my heavy metal music. Ironic but true. So I was looking around at mp3's yesterday and came across the Samsung YP-CP3 and it was this close to going into my pocket (and adding itself to my lovely monthly expenses) before I realized, a HK$600 investment here may not be worth it. Especially since I so badly want to change my extremely shitty Windows Mobile phone. But the only awesome Android based phone I am totally in love with is the Motorola Milestone which is going to set me back almost HK$4000! I've been eyeing this device for a while already but I can't justify the spending of that amount of money just to put a smile on my face. I mean, my current phone as shitty as it is, still is functional and I get what I need to do done on it. Even things that don't work well, I've found ways to hack around and make it do what I need it to do for me. So why the upgrade right? I mean, seeing as the Milestone can also be an mp3 player is an extremely attractive thing and instead of buying a separate mp3 player for HK$600 I could use this, but then what about the other HK$3400 I'd have to add to it? Ok so if I sell my current phone as second hand I can get HK$500 for it. OK, so we need to justify HK$2900. Ahaha and that just ended all my fantasies.

On a better note, at least I've promised myself that this coming christmas I'm getting rid of my current phone, it'll be 2 years old and I'll finally be able to accept it as insufficient and done what it could do for me in the last 2 years.

So here I am back at square one. No new phone, no new mp3 player, no progress in comedy writing, busy as hell and basically where I was 10 days ago. Sure a lot happened during this time but from a personal level, I don't feel like I've progressed at all....damnit. So I really don't have much to share here other than keeping my fingers crossed and well hoping for the best in the next 10 days. I can feel a major blog entry (every 6 months) right round the corner so I sure as hell want to make sure I have stuff to celebrate by then :)

Enjoy the 10 days of (hopefully) peace and good times :)



Blogger vivekshardarac said...

hello vivek my name is also vivek nd its nice to c u on hightes
watch my youtube channl

03 August, 2010 13:13  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey there! Ahaha another Vivek in the world! Nice to meet you!

03 August, 2010 14:10  
Blogger vivekshardarac said...

can i knw ur mail id?????????

03 August, 2010 14:26  

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