01 July 2010

1 July 2010 = 1st day of calm

Howdy. Today's a public holiday and finally a sense of calmness has arrived. I'm at a coffee shop typing this because I just had a meeting and well got a little time on my hand. I could have gone and gotten more stuff done but heck, it's not everyday I find myself in a coffee shop...

So how has everyone been doing? I've been great, well quite great as I've spent a heck of a lot of time refining (yet again) my Remember the Milk system and now, after the addition of a little tweak to my lovely A Bit Better RTM greasemonkey plugin, I now feel even better when I get my stuff because I have a clean list of to do's. Now it's really out of sight, out of mind for me :)

So this last month has seen a mixture of craziness and more craziness for me. Heck the last 10 days has included my 2nd experience at announcing for Legend Fighting Championship! Check it out, this is an awesome photo of me in a tux! The show was great, even grander than the first one! And for all of you interested, check it out on KIX on 17 July 2010 in the evening! I'm not exactly sure what time, but let's see :)

On the other hand, Bernadette Pauley was here in Hong Kong, it was great seeing her again and I got to host one of her shows :) Good stuff there, I loved one of her bits complaining about how the bank was the stupid one to even issue her a Credit Card now that they're chasing her to pay her minimum payment. Anyways, you had to be there to enjoy it!

Well I have to say I'm in quite a good mood because I've managed to allow myself to take today off (well kind of off) and focus on rest and relaxation. After reading 53043204924024 articles about the importance of rest, I felt it was time I really genuinely allowed myself that. Also, today being the 1st, I do a review-of-the-last-month and I was quite content with my performance so I figured today I really deserved a day off :) Then again, I can compensate this weekend....

Also, we're into the 50% of 2010! Wahoo!! On a brighter note, a lot of my goals have been working well, my comedy has been picking up with new bits flowing well and I am looking forward to all the crazy events coming up soon. I'm currently working on my comedian website, so stay tuned! As for my drumming, things are good, I've had to cut down my practice to at most 40minutes a day because of work but heck, I've come to accepting that 40mins is better than 0mins! :) I read an article about how we're so easily discouraged if we are partially satisfied with our goals that really can do with partial satisfaction. In other words, if I only have 30 minutes when I should take 1 hour to practice drums, it's better that I enjoy the 30 minutes than whine that I couldn't complete the hour. The same goes for comedy. I no longer try to schedule 1 hour and if I can't spare 1 hour, I still work on it as much as I can :) So there, that's a lesson I learned, digested and have added to my life in the first 50% of 2010 :)

Anyways, going to get out of this coffeeshop now, it's too good a day to waste indoors only :)