11 August 2010

59 seconds

Yep, I'm currently reading the book 59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot. I wanted to get it when I went to the UK last year but didn't and now, with my lovely gift vouchers I figured this would justify my purchase.
So far, I won't say it's a mind-blowing good read, but there are a lot of ideas and beliefs that are being re-enforced with scientific studies, so that's quite interesting. I liked the chapter that talked about a likable personality is more powerful than a resume packed with great grades and work experience. I totally agree with that, no matter how perfect you are for a job, if you're not fun to work with, no one will want you by their side..

These past 10 days have been a very.. productive but not innovative time for me because I've been able to get what I need to done but at the same time, life's been the same ol' same ol' really. Nothing innovative and oddly that makes me feel like there is some sort of emptiness or lacking. When I really think back, I managed to write lots of comedy (still not fully perfected nor tested), practiced my drums, got my projects done and have maintained my workspace as 80% clean. Yet these past 10 days have seemed like the least... impactful to me. Perhaps it's because things haven't been going wild as usual? But speaking of wild, I finished watching all 6 episodes of the movie SAW. Yes, I love that movie! It's gory, but it's not the gore that attracts me, it's the deep meaning (as I said in my last entry).

I went for a hike yesterday before Sunset up the usual morning trail that leads up to the Peak, but this time I took a way different route, direction I am almost certain I've never ever taken and it was awesome! I think it's not a route many people take because along the way I only encountered 1 other person and I kept getting spider webs on me so that means there hasn't been much human activity around that area... the only bummer was that halfway through I had to turn back because I had a meeting later on.. otherwise I'd love to have seen where that path leads. There aren't any lights so I have to make sure I get there in time to go and come back before the sun goes down. Man this reminds me of that new years where I took a torch and went up that trail with no lights other than my own in the blazing cold! Woah, that was an awesome experience!

Speaking of experience, as I knew and has been reminded now by the 59 seconds book, using your money to buy experiences completely trumps buying material objects. I think for me, I've been seeing things as more than experiences but more like stories I can one day recall or tell. I mean when I re-read some of my old entries it really inspires me to know I went through those times. I mean good or bad, just to know I went through that is great! Thinking about the 14+ hours I had to sit on a plane just to experience New York for a couple of weeks completely smashes the idea of owning a new mobile phone or anything of that sort. Heck, the idea of being in New York smashes a lot of other things according to me :P

I've been watching a lot of stand up comedy lately partly because I'm in the comedy-study mode and also partly because I'm trying to improve my own skills at writing, delivering and just stage presence. I'm also excited because I have all these new bits I want to try out, refine and perfect. There are English open mics at the comedy club every tuesday night, but the bummer is that due to popular demand, each comic only gets 5 minutes to try material :\... that really bummed me out the last time I was there because I was only halfway through all my new ideas when i got the light signaling my time was up... darn. The odd thing I was actually quite upset that night, not really because of the time limit, but because I was so freaking excited to try my new bits out, it was like a kid who had rehearsed all week to sing a song and suddenly got told his performance got canceled... it's one of those disappointing feelings. Ah well, on a brighter note, this Friday's English show is going to be the comedy club's 500th show and you can bet your every dollar my new bits are going to be done that night! I they bomb though, woah that'd suck :P

Anyway, so here we go another 25 minutes up and another 10 days ahead to make the most of. I think since it's summer I'm going to go easy on myself and just enjoy it rather than expect to have a mind-blowing 10 days. Or maybe it's just the heat talking :P



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