23 October 2010

Oh work thou art sly

Yikes! Ever been busy for so long that the moment you actually stop, you're kind of lost? I was like that a bit earlier on tonight. I looked at my to do list and my emails and realized nothing that was left to be done could be completed before it was time for me to get into bed and so it was one of those awkward moments when I had to just accept that I couldn't do anything but I wasn't exactly free. Oh work thou art sly!

So tonight there was supposed to be a typhoon hitting HK and a charity dinner that I was supposed to attend and perform at got canceled and well.. turns out tonight was nothing more than a breezy evening...heh go figure. On the other hand I joined the comedians for dinner and even slipped in a quick set at the comedy club before rushing home to deal with work. I've been working so much these last few days I literally felt like it's been a month without a holiday. I think I'm going to have to just pull myself away from work for a while tomorrow, just to get my mental bearings straight..

Well the last 10 days have been crazy with the Annual Comedy Festival and everything. It was kind weird seeing this week so calm comedy-wise :P On the other hand I went jamming with my band on Wednesday and it was great to see everyone having improved and coming in for a tighter session than ever. I guess all those painful hours practicing has paid off well for us as a team. We're still looking for a bassist which means until then we can't do gigs.. but nonetheless it's also a blessing in disguise because now we've been focusing on upping our game and have written 2 brand spanking new songs. We're creating the 3rd one and each song is getting more challenging than the one before, partly because our boundaries have expanded with each song, and I guess it's just that competitive spirit in all of us....

I've recently decided to go back to the foundations in everything I do, from my web design to my fitness routine. It's quite interesting because now when I go back to their roots, even the basics have a different meaning to me. Kind of like going back to work on my handwriting after having written for so many years. You write in a different manner, really noticing the details and also appreciating what it is you're doing in the foundation level. Like even my comedy, I'm gong back to square one where I just watch great comedians perform (when I have the time that is :P), but now I don't just study them, I even spend time analyzing their bits to see if it was their style, the punchline or their delivery that was the most essential ingredient. What I'm saying is that having done comedy for a while now, I have developed the eye to study another comedian at a different level. Perhaps that is what people are really doing when they admire paintings at galleries. I mean I admit, when I see a painting... I stare for a short while and then I just get it. I mean, ok, it's a painting, it's a masterpiece. Am I missing something? I guess I am.

Anyways, woah, got interrupted there so this is actually 1 hour later. Ahaah it's odd how with blogging the time gaps between paragraphs don't really translate to the reader, but literally when I first started writing this blog, I didn't know about this awesome site called 750words.com. For all you writers out there, check it out! I just played around with it for a bit and I think it's gold for writing! I used to try to stick to a minimum of 25 minutes of writing daily but realized sometimes I get stuck with not writing a lot because I just didn't get into that flow.. and after testing out 750words.com, I just realized that was my mistake, it wasn't how long I spent writing, it was the length of my writing. Sometimes you just have to keep at it for a while and good things come about, you don't just wait passively.
So yes, that was my big accomplishment in the previous hour. Darn, now I'm all excited to try it out already but it's bed time.

Oh time thou art sly, too! This is why I could really appreciate an extra hour or 2 each day, where the world is in limbo and everyone around me stops and I'm allowed to live for myself :P I guess that's the 8 hours of sleep I get each day, where the world can burn away but I'm going to be snoozing happily away. The joys of being a deep sleeper mean even if Armageddon is upon us, I'll probably be searching for the snooze button rather than the fire exit :P

Happy next 10 days everyone and let's see how my 750words.com trial goes :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi vivek,we are students from CityU, conducting a interview which is about intercultural communication.
Our research question is ''Are HK indians living in their own community?'' We know you are very familiar with both HK and Indian communities, therefore your experience would be very helpful to us. We would be grateful if you could help us to complete the interview questions(already sent to your email). We look forward to hearing from you soon.

01 November, 2010 11:42  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hi there,

Thanks for this, I will reply your questions asap :)

01 November, 2010 13:07  

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