02 November 2010

No time for even 750 words...

Sigh. In my last entry I talked about the aweomeness that is 750words.com and yet today I shamefully admit that I've only managed to use that site for 1 day. Things have been so hectic and busy lately that I am seriously backlogged with work.
The funny thing is, when I look back and why my October ended with me knee deep in time debt, I realize that there was so much happening! The comedy festival, the Karma Komedians show, for some reason all my new projects became urgent projects and of course, Halloween. I was this close to not making it out this year but figured I can work 365 days a year but celebrate halloween for only at most 3 days. This year I didn't dress up as my traditional evil clown (with a budget of HK$100 at the Salvation Army to see what stuff I can piece together to make my costume), but just went with the Mah Jong tiles with other comedians from the comedy club. I chose the tile with the character 西 which means west and is also a slang term for a woman's special parts down south. What was funny was that many of the other people in tiles didn't make this connection until I started going around to people and yelling "touch my 西!" which would require a pause of 0.5 seconds before they burst into laughter! It soon become my catch phrase and worked every time! Then I'd jokingly add "Ok, you touch my 西 then I touch yours" or even funnier, when people do smack their hands on my box, I go "ooooh!! Very good, I see you practice a lot!". Halloween has to be my favorite festival of each year. Well Chinese New Year is awesome too since it's the only time I get to (well am also forced to) totally shut myself down :)
I didn't manage to get into the lovely alivenotdead.com party even though I won 2 tickets to go in. Partly because I was messing around with people on the streets and the other Mah Jong tiles, and also because when I tried to go in, the party was way too packed and me and my friend were not going to fit anyway. Oh well :) Hope the party was awesome! :)

So for a change today I get to stay at home and just work. I really need to catch up and I'm only able to type here because I'm on a short break between work sessions. And sadly, that break is coming to an end.
All I can say is if you're on an Android, get an app called Tasker, it'll blow your mind! It is freaking awesome and I've got it to automatically do stuff for me on my android so I no longer find myself having to manually turn on Wifi when I'm home and turn if off when I leave, etc. Very awesome!
Well let's see how my quest for 750words.com goes these next few days! Stay tuned!



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