13 May 2012

Hello from the mountains. Here I am in the late afternoon of a cloudy Thursday sitting in the wing cooling down after a nice little hike up the hills. I sit in the very same place I used to almost on a daily basis, gathering my thoughts and simply searching for a moment of peace.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how the vegetation around has grown and some of the concrete structure has crumbled from erosion and plantation pressure. The place I used to sit no longer has the view of the sky in front because it's covered by trees and greenery. I can't believe how fast everything has grown. Well, fast in terms of my memory, not so fast since it's been a while since I last came here.

(damn, I just killed an ant that was walking around my trackpad...oops?)

So the last 2 weeks have been another roller coaster for me as I saw myself having days where I sat at my computer with that joyful feeling of achieving all the to do's of the day, and also days where I sat at my computer exhausted thanks to a stomach flu. Either I'm getting old or used to this because this roller coaster is starting to feel like the flat road because it doesn't surprise me when it happens. The last few days have also seen me make some big adjustments to my work environment (ok, big as in I will be making big adjustments after the furniture and equipment I've ordered arrive)...

I've also grown a new interest in rap/hip hop music that seem to work very well with my projects. Namely Jay-Z's Public Service Announcement and Wu Tang Clan's C.R.E.A.M. Check it out and imagine you're staring at a design or a bunch of code. Doesn't this make it seem so much more enjoyable?

I have also recently been hit with a case of the SSDD's (Same Shit Different Day) where I really just felt like every moment was me going through the motions rather than being excited for what awaits (which explains why I'm up here in the middle of the day).  I've come to realize these emotional issues are best dealt with time and time alone. The best way to beat SSDD is to do the opposite. Logic tells me I could be writing this post from my room, saving me 30 minutes time that could be used to catch up on my reading but heck, if I did that it'd be SSDD again. But at least the walk up here forced me out of my typical (not comfort, just typical routine) zone and hey, it's helping :). Lucky for me I have no gigs lined up for this weekend and thanks to his walk, I'm excited to just do something different on Saturday and Sunday, hopefully that'll charge me up for the week ahead.

Well, the sky's going grey and a few drops of water and coming down. I suppose that's a hint for me to get the hell up and head out. Then again, even if it isn't I really should be moving, I got a gig tonight! :P

Happy 10 days ahead!

PS. I just realized I never published this post (which was meant for like 3 weeks ago.... heh)



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