10 February 2012

The dragon's roar

Things have been busy but somehow, it seems like the busy-ness isn't madness anymore. I don't find myself sitting around, yet I haven't been fully burnt out in a while (except for yesterday, ahah).
The last few days have been great. Particularly, I got a chance to speak to the CEO of www.alivenotdead.com casually and we discussed our common views of being organized as well as our differences in tackling things like emails. He's suggested this to me before and I've tried it but boy it's quite tough -- To deal with today's emails...tomorrow.
I tried that out for a while, but my curiosity and need to get things done wore me down and now I'm back to the GTD system of tagging items and creating next actions, then dealing with them one by one... it's still not perfected, but so far things are moving along smoothly.

On another note, tomorrow's the big day for Legend Fighting Championship 7! This time, they're putting the undercard fights live on Youtube! So check out their Youtube Channel and catch the fights at 4:30pm Hong Kong Time! I'm particularly excited about this event because the match ups are awesome!

I'm currently reading, well more like listening to I'm Dying up here via audible.com. It's great to learn about the comedy scene in the 70's and how it developed. Not to mention, learning about the stories of many of today's famous comedians and celebrities. It's kind of re-enforced my passion and mentality with comedy and the scene here in Hong Kong. There have been shows and times that have left me empty inside but it's cool to remember that 40 years ago, things were very similar back in the States.

By the way, a few days ago, it finally registered in my mind, I'm 29! Ahaha that's 1 year short of 30! Woah! I can't believe I'm here, I still have scribbles of things I wanted to achieve that I wrote when I was 23! I remember telling myself "when I'm 25, my web business needs to be running smoothly". Ahah, well thankfully my goals have been flowing smoothly, but the weirdest thing is, I can still picture myself sitting on the couch when I first told myself this stuff. Yet, I can barely remember what I have to do sometimes without consulting my to do list. Oh well, at least I'm remembering things memorable to me :)



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