31 December 2011

Over expect and Under promise

Ahh, goodbye 2011, you have been a good and crazy year for me.

This year, I grew a lot as a person, mostly because I started finding my direction easier and realized that you need to seize every good opportunity. Not every opportunity is good, and it takes experience and wisdom to tell the difference. One thing I've come to learn this year is that as long as you know what direction you're heading, you're heading in the right direction. I still cannot give myself nor anyone a clear indication of where I want to be heading, but I do know that as long as when the day ends and I'm happy with what I did, I'm doing it right.

After a long time, I finally enjoyed a proper week-long vacation in Bali. It did me wonders. I finally got to refuel and recharge as a person and it reminded me of how to be focused without being stressed out. I got to enjoy the sound of the ocean and appreciate the little things in life, like soaking my feet in grass. I realized that working hard and earning a living was only meaningful if I learnt how to spend what I earned on something that enriched my soul rather than my desires. For anyone feeling lost or lacking direction, I strongly suggest escaping the world for 3 - 6 days and just staring at nature. There's a certain magic to it. Reading a book in a coffee shop vs. reading it at the seaside is very different.

Another big chapter in this year was when I found myself drowned in work. I wasn't struggling to stay afloat because I didn't know how to swim properly, but I had taken on too much because I thought I was able to do more than I really could. It sucks when you have to face the man in the mirror and accept that you messed up. I re-read some of my writings from last year and one of my resolutions was to learn to say no more. I suppose, it's a resolution for 2012 again.

On a brighter note, I finally re-organized my desk and wires so that I can convert my desk to a standing desk on-demand, which is awesome because there are days when I'm just tired of sitting. Now, with a few rotations of my handy crank, the table rises and voila, it's a bar-table :) I've also finally gotten back on track with some exercise (man I slacked the hell off for the last 2 months! I am literally as fit as I was....2 years ago..) I've finished most of the items due by the end of 2011 (or at least the ones I still wanted to get done this year) and am in extreme pre-new-years mood right now.

I guess 2011 has been a great year, and the idea of 2012 being the end of the world frightens me. Not because of death or suffering, but because I'm not done enjoying what life has to offer. Knowing that at any moment things could be over gives you a sense of appreciation like nothing else. I suppose the rumors of 2012 being the end of times is a blessing in disguise if you know how to digest it.

So here's to a fantastic 2012 filled with great times, happiness, laughter and beautiful memories that turn into legends for everyone!

Make the most of it! I know I will :)



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