20 June 2011

Juggle your thoughts

For anyone who knows, I'm a good Slayer fan. A good fan? you ask? Yes, I won't say I'm a big fan or a great fan because to do that statement justice, I'd have to do more than just listen to and like their songs. This month I'm studying this band and their history to get a better grasp of what it is that made them...well them.
As my last entry stated, I've come to notice that all great icons were nobody's with a big dream at one time. Slayer is no different. They're another band alongside Lamb of God that I'd travel to a nearby country to check out. My experience watching Lamb of God in Taiwan was a life-changing one and I can totally imagine Slayer doing the same thing. Ever since I started playing drums, I've admired these 2 bands even more than before.

As I study Slayer, I've come to notice that even though these guys are at the high-end of the spectrum of technique and skill with their instruments, if you really break down what they do, it's not as complex as you'd imagine. The phrase keep it simple comes to mind. When I used to play drums before, I'd try to think of these wild crazy grooves that left drummers in the audience busy trying to figure out what I was playing. Sure, it made me feel good that I could master something like that, but when I look at what these great drummers do, I've finally accepted that it's absolutely stupid if not useless to try to play drums for drummers in the audience vs playing drums for the song which then works for everyone in the audience. I guess the same goes for any performance, like it'd be silly to do stand up comedy for the comedians in the greenroom vs. the audience in the main room. The same goes for making websites to show off to web designers vs making them so they're actually useful for the client.

So my goal for the next 10 days isn't to achieve as much as possible, but to do what is most useful in just making me the person I want to be. I suggest you try it out. It's quite refreshing when you change your to do list to a need to do list. And if it's a need to do item, why is it necessary? And what would happen if you didn't do it? So compare Do it vs don't do it and which one makes your life better?



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