29 May 2011

Maximum Insanity

For those of you who feel invincible, first let me say good on you! But if you want to see how solid you are and how much you can mentally push your body, I suggest you check out this awesome workout program I've been using for the past few weeks called INSANITY. No, that company doesn't give me a dime for saying this and honestly, I don't care. I can only say, I've moved on to their MAX segments (ie. disc 7 onwards) and 2 weeks later it still kicks my ass....I can only say, when they talk about working out in your own sweat, they freaking mean it! But for someone like me, kicking my own ass is a pleasure (oddly). But seriously, every time I do these workouts, it's a real mind vs body challenge, my mind wants to go but my body is like noooooo!

Speaking of mind vs body, lately, I've been trying to find the balance of not getting burnt out (I'm starting to better notice what is my borderline and lately I've been.... well exhausted at the end of the day, but not burnt out). As I've said before, my golden timeframe for concentration has been 35 minutes followed by a 10 - 12 minute break. Usually I can crack it up to 50minutes but after that I really need a good 20minutes to rest the mind. It's still a warzone every day as I fight between people wanting my attention, my work wanting my attention and ol' rest wanting my attention. But speaking of fighting, I've picked me up Sun Tzu and the Art of Business. Yes, for those of you who know me, yes, yet another Art of War book. But it's good revision from time to time.  I was debating whether I wanted to re-read the awesome Art of Deception or this one. So for it's a good read, many concepts that I know and adore but in a different light.

I was also reading a bit about the concept of time and how some tribes don't live by it, but instead use events as their clocks which was a really interesting read. I guess it explains why it's a Saturday night, I'm sitting with my laptop, on a bus writing this at 1 in the morning. Not because it's late, but because a whole bunch of events happened today (that crazy workout being one of them). I guess that's what this blog is about, instead of being a capture of moments in the time of my life and how I think or what I'm thinking, it's really capturing events or my life. Hopefully I'll be able to shift my focus more on events and accomplishments so I don't keep feeling "oh my goodness, it's already 1am and I'm only on a bus on my way home and writing my blog?!"
But then again, even if that's how I'm thinking right now, wouldn't that still be me thinking about all the events that are happening right now? At this time?
Heh, something to ponder for the next 10 days (unless I'm too tired lying in my own sweat!!) :)



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