05 December 2011

The closing ceremony :)

Well, here we are, everyone has begun their countdown to the end of 2011 (or the beginning of 2012). It's an exciting time for many people because motivation is at an all time high for everyone. This is the time everyone sits and dreams big, and believes that at the stroke of midnight on 31 Dec 2011, things will be different, things will be better. I am one of those people. The interesting thing is, in 2010 I thought the same thing but wanted to experiment a bit by tracking what I end up accomplishing in 2011, and turns out I've been averaging 50% at doing what I wanted to do. Not that I accomplished only half the goals, but usually my goals are those that require daily work or repeated work, and I've been able to follow that schedule 50% of the time.

Looks like the summer months were the best times in 2011 that I could stay on track with my goals. But I'm curious if this is because of the weather or because of my workload. I notice most of my slacking off has happened near the end of 2011 when things started going mad with me work-wise. One big lesson I've learned in 2011 is my workload limits. So one new year's resolution I have for 2012, is to not allow myself to burn out like I found myself doing in 2011. And as the late Steve Jobs said, “There’s a phrase in Buddhism, ‘Beginner’s mind.’ It’s wonderful to have a beginner’s mind.”  and well, I'll keep reminding myself that as I charge through 2012 and hope for the best!

So good luck and remember, a habit takes 21 days to develop, so if you want to test-run a resolution, now's the time! :)



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