07 October 2012

I am finally calm

Well the last few days have been extremely intense for me, schedule-wise because they have been packed to the top! But all for the right reasons. Last night finally marked the end to the Comedy Festival with the English Competition Finals where the competition was fierce. Everyone brought their A-game and so did I when I got my 5 minute guest spot at the end of the show. Congratulations to Rishi Budhrani for winning the competition and bagging himself bragging rights for being the funniest person in Hong Kong... while he goes home to Singapore.

A day before that, I got to watch Dayo Wong Chi Wah's show at the HK Coliseum and my hats off to him for a great show! A total of 3 hours with him on stage speaking for 2:20hrs was very impressive because I wasn't at any point feeling like the show was tedious. Sure my body was a bit uncomfortable near the end but I blame the seats rather than the show.

A day before that was the Chinese competition seeing previous winner Fab bag himself the title again this year. A fun show by all the comedians and it's interesting to see everyone get into the competition mode and right after the winner is announced, everyone's first thought was "Dinner on Fab!" :P (yes, even my mind thought that ahahah).

A day before that... ok you get the point, there was a lot going on.

On a brighter note, today has finally been a day where I could sit and be focused on myself and my work. I was offered to perform at MGM as an opener for the funny Ruben Paul but I had to decline because I knew I'd regret it when Monday came along and my workload keeps piling up.

I've been experimenting ever more with my daily schedule, trying to find the optimum time when my mind is juiced up for comedy writing, when it's excited to play some drums and when it's ready to work on my web design work. I've found that the best way for me to get about taking care of everything is to literally have a full plan the night before. I've been planning what time I do everything the night before and it's been working out very well.
Previously, I would write my daily schedule out and have blocks for different things. Like I would put 12:30 - 1:20 is drumming. It would be a block of time dedicated to drum practice. However, now I've gone and planned out what to do in that block the night before, which basically leaves me to just do the monkey work so I don't need to think about what to do, but just do. Then after a day's work and feeling good about what I've accomplished, I'm psyched at night to plan the next day's schedule and decide what I do in each chunk of time. So far so good it's seen me stay consistent and I've proudly logged my progress with 42goals.com (yes the need to log is in my DNA).

So far after having turned 30, I've had a struggle trying to stay afloat with work and everything, but at least I've come to terms that I'm not superman and hey, as long as I did more than I didn't do, I'm a happy man now. Well....for now.



Blogger Chi said...

I can't help wonder between your extremely busy schedule and various impressive disciplines where on earth do you find time to discover gems like 42goals?

Are you shifting from platforms regularly or do you tend to stick to the good ones?

10 October, 2012 02:12  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Chi, ah I googled "goal tracking" and found a bunch of sites so just went through them to see how they worked then finally stumbled upon 42goals.com
I used to use joesgoals.com but the more I used it, the more I needed more than "yes I did this today/no I didn't do this today" tracking, I needed to know the quantity of a certain habit I did (ie. the minutes I spend doing a habit)... and 42goals.com satisfied that.. :)

But yeah, this is usually in my down time, say I have a couple of hours here and there or I just sacrifice routine time to upgrade the way I keep track of it (you know like 1 step back to go 2 steps forward deal).

10 October, 2012 11:13  
Blogger Chi said...

I guess the only way to know what is best is to keep on experimenting. Are you still using the pomodoro technique? I decided to give it a go and it's really helping me handle different tasks instead of neglecting and end up rushing

11 October, 2012 19:25  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey, yeah I still use the pomodoro technique, but I go with 45 minute segments..25 minutes was too little for me and I found at 45 minutes, I need around 15 minutes break to keep going.
I'm using a software called WORKRAVE on my windows desktop to help me keep track of my time :)

It's getting hard to stay focused on 1 task for 45 minutes not because I can't focus, but a lot happens in 45 minutes time that sometimes can't wait so during my resting 15 minutes, I do those things then maybe rest for around 5 - 10 mins

12 October, 2012 11:50  
Blogger Chi said...

I'm using it more of a strict guide than concrete rules. its impossible to ignore phone calls and other things such as being starving

On several occasions, I have been working straight through 2 blocks including the 5 min break. I'm using Pomodairo at the moment. It is highly customisable and even has a little to do list as well.

12 October, 2012 15:38  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Yeah I tried Pomodairo as well, but I really just need a general timer that works in the background and the good thing about Workrave is it has a "snooze" button if you're just in the middle of something and your timer runs out....

13 October, 2012 12:30  

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