07 February 2013

Yep, I overtrained

Well, well, well, I've finally done it. I officially overdid myself and have had to accept that I got sick and caved to the powers of anti-biotics. I hate throat infections that don't go away and ruin your whole mood, appetite and energy level. I definitely overtrained because my body ached more than usual, my mood was worse than ever and my motivation got so low, even Hitman: Absolution seemed like a chore. Woah! That's a real warning sign.

It's Chinese New Year in a few days and the vibe to celebrate is everywhere. I pulled myself out of my room to get a change and I've seen nothing but red and gold everywhere. This time of year is honestly my favorite because even the workaholic in me has to stop as many shops and businesses literally shut down completely. In fact, every Chinese New Year is when I literally disappear in general, the whole world is ignored and I get a chance to just sit and enjoy life.

I must say, living in Asia does have a perk when it comes to double-new year celebrations :)

And on that note, I wish everyone a fantastic New Year (again). Get some rest and recharge because after this, the insanity of life comes back.


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