02 April 2008

April's Fools? Not in my case

Nope, today was no joke.
It may be 1st of April but today started off with a serious note and so far I haven't had much to laugh about.

Well not completely nothing. I had my comedy gig for Youth Executives Group today so it was like, wake up, get ready, go be funny. Ahaha. It was quite an interesting gig because it was 99.9% Indians in the crowd so I think some of my more local (Hong Kong) jokes didn't work out too well but I did manage to sneak in a bit of crowd interaction even though I was standing behind a podium talking to a room full of executives probably twice my age. Woah, now it's actually registering! I actually gave a "talk" to all these people! Me, a 25 year old kid who was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and my lovely blazer was talking in front of a podium for like 15 minutes to a room full of high-level executives that ranged from bankers to lawyers! Woah :P

Then I got home and finished off one of my projects, so it felt good putting a big tick on my to-do list after that :) Just waiting client approval and I'm good to go!

I must say, I've really found my "work groove" lately, like I still find myself having a tough time trying to get myself to get down and do some of the most boring projects but at least I get into that work mentality by lighting my room and setting the mood correct. Buddha Bar music + good lighting = work mentality for me!

So here I am, late at night, once again working out all my projects. I really can feel a bit of a wear and tear on my concentration because I just finished sorting through a lot of data and organizing it. Woah, organizing data is really no joke! It's like what one of the books I read said, there's data, information and then there's knowledge. Data is everywhere but you need to organize it so it's turned into information and then assimilate it so it turns into knowledge. But that process is really one heck of a brain trip!

Anyways, just thought I'd share with you all out there what's going on. Today's been a good day and tomorrow should be nice as well. No serious meetings scheduled so at least I know I can get some work done :)

Speaking of which, back to work!



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