23 February 2008

The list knows me... somehow :)

Yikes, it's 2:30 am and I'm really exhausted. It's going to be an early night for me because I just can't seem to concentrate because I'm mentally burnt completely out right now. Don't know why, just feel like my brain has 684505898504357450 things to think about at the same time.

Just wanted to share a shockingly good news with you all. According to The List (magazine), I'm the #2 web designer in Hong Kong :D I didn't even know myself until someone told me but here you go.

My arms are quite exhausted (Yes I went weight lifting today, that's why) but I'm just tired in general. Don't know why feel like I'm not getting enough rest (again) and I'm slacking off with my breathing exercises now. At night halfway through I'm just so tired I fall asleep halfway :( Yikes.

Anyways, going to get a bowl of cereal and hit the sack, really just so darn tired I don't want to work at all :(. Feeling a bit low today as well for some reason, no idea why. I was doing a few feet exercises on my drums tonight and halfway through I just felt de-motivated. I think it's just being tired in general so hopefully I'll pick myself up tomorrow after a good night's rest. I feel like ice cream now oddly :P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ap kaise hain?

You are a force to be reckon with, you know that?

Keep the flame burning and don't let it DIE. That means... get PLENTY of fuel by resting properly and eating right, ok?

No wonder you are so tired and de-motivated you silly peacock. Just take a short holiday (you NEED it), Mate. I hope you are as good as new. :)

~Your Guardian Angel~

24 February, 2008 02:31  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahaha thanks ~Guardian Angel~ for the encouraging words! I guess every now and then you need another person to re-focus your perspective and see that all you need is to pause, then bounce back stronger than ever! I'm about to hit the sack and let's hope your magical advice does the trick :) I need to be as good as new in 24 hours.

24 February, 2008 07:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Did it work? no?!


That should do the trick! ;p

~Your G. Angel~

24 February, 2008 07:38  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahaha, I'm a bit rested but still tired in the head right now. Maybe one more night of sleep will do the trick :)

Otherwise, I'll need your magic again!

25 February, 2008 02:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That... n a woman's touch. ;P


25 February, 2008 02:54  

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