09 February 2008


Do it yourself. So many times, people tell me "You should delegate" but very often it's not a matter of me not wanting to delegate, it's finding a person up to my standards who will do the job at the same level if not better than myself. If I find myself spending half the time trying to explain to a person how the job should be done, I've failed to find the right person for the job. I'm not saying people should read my mind, but there are certain things a person of certain standards should be able to know and thus adjust accordingly. Many a times people will do a half-heart job when it's given to them by someone else not because they lack the skills, but simply because they don't care as much. It's the sad nature of reality. Of course unless you meet someone who's willing to see the bigger picture that if they help you win, they themselves win at the same time. Provided you're not a selfish leader that just hoards all the rewards to yourself.

Things are moving very quickly for me lately, we're already in Saturday. In a week's time it'll be my big band show with a comedy gig before that. Exciting stuff. I've also been moving on swiftly with a lot of my freelance projects in these few days, trying to make the most of the peaceful Chinese New Year holidays. I must say, when the world shuts itself down, I get so much work done! I guess it's because you're not constantly interrupted by people being "on holiday" since everyone else is so busy doing the Chinese New Year thing! Speaking of which, my Lai See record for this year has hit a whopping $0! Ahaha, I'm so used to getting barely anything for Lai See, but it's alright, I don't expect to get anything, just give me the peace of these few days' holidays and I'm a happy camper.

I need to shave. I've been growing this beard for over a week and it's beginning to do what all beards do -- getting itchy. Yikes, I always wondered what it'd be like to have a beard but neither my work nor myself is able to accommodate it so I'll just have to enjoy my lovely goatee. I enjoy having this hair on my chin, makes me feel complete. Not to mention it adds a little Heavy Metal edge ;) I've been keeping this goatee for who knows how long. But speaking of hair, I need a hair cut, I really do, now that I've started to grow my hair long, there are like 8538053840 more complications that I never faced before with short, short hair. But I like it, I enjoy having longer hair now because I've just gotten used to it. It's annoying and fun at the same time. Kind of like most people's friends and relatives ;p

I haven't been keeping up with my comedy schedule in the sense I've been so overtaken by freelance work and my band that I haven't actually sat down and written any new comedic material. It's alright, I have enough material for shows but I really do want to keep working at it and refining my stuff. I guess I just need to stop, and dedicate time to it. Which I've actually been putting into my drumming lately. My guitarist and audiophile buddy Hypno came over yesterday and we were recording drum tracks for quite a while. Felt so freaking cool because it felt like a serious studio recording! We had everything set up and boy oh boy recording is no joke! It's quite tough because you're constantly thinking "Please don't screw up, please don't mess up!" and when you think that way, you end up doing something wrong! As I'm typing this, I'm listening to the track (that currently only has guitars and drums recorded) and I love it! Sure, it's my band's music but it's still good. For all of you interested, we're playing on the 16th Feb 2008 at DM Plus.

I plan on re-arranging some of my drums stuff because I've realized that I'm not 100% stable when I sit on my drum throne and it's definitely affecting the way I play, not to mention isn't good for my back. So it's a Day 10 entry (technically I wrote this one day earlier) and basically sometimes it's better to just DIY and if you can't rely on something you can directly control (eg. software) to do it for you. I'm sure for those of you who have been reading my blog realize I'm a total software freak because I love how it just works and works and works for you rather than say stuff like it's sick. If it's sick, just re-install! Wahoo! Everyday is a journey towards total productivity (which technically is unachievable) because I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve myself, my work and my life. It's encouraging because when people (eg. Hypno) come over to my place and see the way I work, he's impressed. I'm not showing off, in fact, sometimes I get so used to the way I work, I don't get impressed by it until I use someone else's computer or someone else uses mine :) All my mapped shortcuts, etc. comes in handy at that time. Ahaha. People think I'm insane to remember all those 953083053953 short cuts but once you use it enough times it becomes second nature to you. Anyways, speaking of doing it yourself, I'm going to go adjust my drums a bit so I'm more stable on them and comfortable. Being new drums, I'm still trying to get used to everything and the feel of it all. My old drums required almost a year before I found the perfect set-up so here goes! :D

Update: It's Sunday 17:54. The power of DIY, I pretty much finished one of my projects last night using some new stuff for the first time! I love it! Who would have thought in 24 hours, I'd have completed all that work! So yes, DIY people DIY! :D



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