28 January 2008

I survived

It's like 2:15am on Monday morning and I'm still alive :) It's been a wild week as you all know from my previous entry but... I survived!

I finally got to touch my new TD-12K V-drums and there's a heck of a lot of stuff I need to learn and figure out. I'll be recording some of my band's drum tracks using that lovely piece of equipment but I still need to get it hooked up to my computer and stuff. Sigh, so much to do, never enough time :\. Anyways, these next few days will be a bit smoother, not calmer mind you, I will be catching up on all my Freelance work I've missed out this passed week so there's a lot of work pending. I think I'm going to try to get some done tonight before I sleep because I have an appointment in the early morning tomorrow. Yikes.

I'm actually mentally quite burnt out because there's so much happening right now, my comedy life, my web designer life, my band life, etc. I've not been doing my breathing exercises properly lately and I can feel the impact it has on me. I'm getting exhausted faster and losing focus quicker. I'll get back into my routine tonight. Heck, I don't even have the energy or focus to practice drums! It's been like a week if you exclude jamming with my band (twice :P)!

Speaking of my band, we finally installed new lights in th bandroom so at least now it feels more fun to play because the whole mood is improved. I'm no longer going deaf because I've got my headphone set-up all sorted out and well my accuracy to the click is getting better and better for our songs. I'm still struggling to work out some of my drum parts but we'll see, I should be fine.

Basically I just wanted to say I survived. By the way, my YouTube stand-up comedy clip has passed the 50,000 views mark! :D If you haven't checked it out, enjoy and have a good day:


Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Vivek Mahbubani,

How're you? I am pleased to see your photo and article in Apple Daily today. Your you tube clip was very funny. Thank you very much for bringing so much joy to Hong Kong People.

Have a beautiful day!



29 January, 2008 17:44  
Blogger Unknown said...

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29 January, 2008 17:44  
Blogger 蘇魯支 said...

Hello, Vivek. I have just watched your clips on Youtube. They are really interesting, funny and profound, esp when you replied with a surprised look, as one of the people in the show said he/she understand racial discrimination. I really wonder how many chineses in HK experience and understand racial discrimination.

Anyway, I hope you can keep uploading your clips on youtube. They are very enjoyable.

29 January, 2008 19:10  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey Candy,

Thanks so much for those encouraging words :) I love seeing other people happy and laughing because that energy bounces right back to me and I'm happy ad laughing :)

I think you're in every man's dream industry -- lingerie :P

Hey 蘇魯支,
Thanks for enjoying my video! Racial discrimination happens all the time and I guess you'll never understand it until you deal with it, but that's alright, it's a matter of how you deal with it. Some people let it get them down, I turn it into my stand-up comedy routine :). I'll upload more videos as they come. Enjoy!

29 January, 2008 19:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MR. Vivek!

You are talented my friend. The comedy is honed and if it's true what you say, the combination of programmer + comedy + musician is unstoppable. Quick question though. What is all this talk about breathing exercises? I run the gamut too and am involved in multiple freelance, many hatted things. How do you maintain energy, focus and creativity??

30 January, 2008 04:57  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Hey there Sonny Boy,

Thanks for watching my video and visiting my blog! I really appreciate your nice comments and it's nice to see someone in a similar boat as me.

Those breathing exercises I talk about are basically natural methods to get your body to cleanse and energize itself. You can read more about it here: http://www.newfrontier.com/nepal/pranayama.htm. I do the Prana Sukh exercise and it helps me a lot. I have to admit when I'm really busy I just want to sleep rather than be up for 10 minutes working this out but everytime I manage to do it I sleep better, and feel more energized during the day. Good luck to you!

30 January, 2008 05:40  

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