31 December 2007

Bring it 2008!

Hello everyone! Today's the last chance to dance in 2007 for me so all I can say is bring it on! I'm excited about the next year and I'm happy when I look back at this year. After last night's gig, I'm even happier because it went nice and smooth and all the hard work is paying off. I was watching an interview with Teddy Campbell and he said you can only reap the rewards after you've been laboring and sowing your seeds. This is (obviously) true, but another thing I'd like to remind myself is that even if you keep sowing and keep laboring, this all still takes time for the soil to digest everything. I could work out everyday, but if I don't give my system a chance to digest all my hard work, I'll never be able to make the most of it.

I'm ready to take on everything I've got planned today and I'm already getting there, I've finished the day's drumset practicing and once I finish this entry, I'll hit the showers and head to the gym (it closes at 6pm today, so I can't miss out!). When I come back, I'll get down to finishing some of my freelance projects so I don't have lingering things to do when 2008 comes along.

It's an exciting, overwhelming and scary time now because it's like I've finally found a balance point, but the hard thing is staying balanced! Like I said before, I've had my ups and downs, highs and lows, happy's and sad's but it all works out in the end. I know it will not because I know it will, but because I have faith it will :). Anyways, it's 2:52pm and I better get ready and get out before I miss everything! I'll be back later and have my own personal count down to success in 2008. So for the next few hours, I hope all of you get your act together too and have a big bang ready for the new year!

Update at 9:11pm:
Just got home! Woah, I had a great work out and it's all sorted out now! I had to stop over at a friend's house to help him fix up his dying computer and now it's time to eat some dinner. My last dinner of 2007! I'm looking forward to the next few hours and not to mention my late night hike at 2am! I'll keep you posted!

Update at 01:06am:
Poof! Just finished my feet exercises at my drum pad. Argh, it's really exhausting trying to hit the mark on my metronome. After a while, I even find myself frustrated, but no matter what, I'll keep working at it! Sometime's it gets so discouraging but I know in the end it's good for me :) But then again, my legs are a bit tired today since I did an aerobic work out at the gym so it's fair I wasn't at my best performance. So yes, it's 1 am on the new year day and an hour later I'm going to be hiking! Mwahahaha! Now for me to just get my stuff sorted out and prepared and off I am! I hope so far things have been good for you all! :)



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