26 December 2007


Wow, I've spent a total of almost 4 hours just today practicing my drums! I feel so alive recently, I think it's because I've gotten back on track with my breathing exercises that really fill me with energy every day :).

I just thought I'd share with all my drumming readers what set up I have to practice at night:

Yep, that's my practice kit. It allows me to fully focus on my exercise without getting distracted by playing with songs and stuff like I often do when I'm on my electronic drums.
  • DW 5002 pedals
  • ReelFeel practice pad
  • Vic Firth 5B Nylon tip drumsticks
  • Foot practice pad
  • Pearl snare stand
  • Boss Dr.Beat DB-90 Metronome (love rhythm coach! I have it set on 3 and I don't move on till I can do a full bar with every hit at "good")
So there you are :) I wonder how this kit will evolve over time so let this be a reference point in my drumming career.

Now on to my proper money-making work... see ya!



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