25 November 2007

Love to drum

Ahhhhh... it's like 3am and I'm just re-watching a few videos of tonight's band show. All those hard, long hours of slaving away at the drums practicing have paid off. After two and half years of drumming it's all coming together. Don't get me wrong, I may have come two and half years worth of distance, but the more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn! It's like everything else I suppose.

So tonight, I played with Crazimals. It was a fun gig and yes I had my happy pink shoes on as usual :). I also wore the Love Life No Regrets band show t-shirt from 2005. Woah, that was the last proper time I played drums in a show. I mean, don't count last Saturday's performance and maybe a few drum gigs in between but I can totally see where I was and where I am today. Oddly, even tonight, I never needed to play the ride cymbal. At least I've properly incorporated toms into my playing although Crazimals' songs don't really require much Tom or Ride action

Anyways, I really should hit the sack because I got a lot lined up for tomorrow (or today or Sunday, whatever you want to refer to it as).

Just thought I'd share some happy times with you all. I've noticed I'm starting to get an audience at my blog based on my logs so yay to me :) Anyways, I'll leave you with one of the videos from tonight's show. Yes, that's me at the drums :P


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