13 October 2007

My First "bought" phone

That's right. I got a new phone!! This is technically the first phone I bought. All the other phones I've had have either been part of some promotional package, a hand-me-down or a gift from someone! On Thursday, I finally did it and got myself the O2 Zinc which I am loving the crap out of because it is exactly what I've been looking for and is what I need!! I feel like such an executive using it now because of the slide-out keyboard, it beats the small keyboard on a blackberry because I hate tiny keys!

So life's been good so far, projects are working out again and this weekend is going to be my productivity boot camp where I really organize myself and get my projects sorted out. Now I can finally sync all my work and emails to my phone and so I no longer need to go through my moleskin every morning, re-type all my notes into the computer, then when I'm about to leave the house, re-write stuff in my Moleskin again. I realized I hate doing things twice! I find it such a waste of my time performing redundant tasks because if I have to repeat, surely there must be a way to automate it! I must say this whole productivity idea in my head is both my strongest asset and my weakest link because whenever I need to repeat myself, I lose interest and discipline in doing it. For example, slowly I've started skipping writing notes or even checking my Moleskin every morning before I start work because I feel so stupid re-reading everything all the time. My system wasn't customized enough for my liking which is where my new O2 Zinc comes in and takes care of everything. I can write my notes and voice recordings and stuff without having to carry 5830538503 devices. I can listen to my MP3's and watch my software videos as well as read my PDF files wherever I am! No longer will I find myself slacking off with my e-book reading because I don't want to print it out on paper.

So today's my Day 10 entry and all I can say is I'm happy. I really am a happy man today. Life seems to be so cheery with the Autumn coolness coming in and my new view of my future. I feel so much more in control of myself right now you have no idea. Big stressing projects have come to an end and I can finally stop, breath and re-assess myself now. I have 2 months before the year ends and it's these 2 months that will be my defining moment as the person I am from now on and what I will do for me and my future and everyone involved in it. To all my avid readers, let me just say thank you for reading this far and I look forward to sharing happy things from now on. I'm tired of saying stuff like "OK!! I am a bit down with all the stress, I must buck up!" But now I'm saying I'm kicking ass! :D

Have a great Saturday! :D

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