02 November 2007

I'll make you laugh and scream!

Wahoo!! What a crazy 10 days!! Life is mad, hectic yet totally full of surprises! :P

So first off, great news, I am officially Hong Kong's funniest (Chinese-speaking) person! I won the Chinese category for the First Hong Kong Comedy Festival. I got into the finals for the English one but didn't make it in the top 3 in the end. I was quite exhausted since I had to perform practically every night of last week!
Also, I got to open for Paul Ogata on Thursday (25 October 2007)! It was awesome to be in his presence. I got to see him perform and boy was I blown away! The guy is so smooth with picking at the audience. I admire the way he delivers his jokes.
Oh and here's a picture of my trophy! It's so cool, when I first saw it when I joined the comedy competition, I thought "Man, that'd be cool to have on my desk!" and guess what, it's on my desk! Enjoy the photo:

And so people laughed away last week. Then came this week, the almighty Halloween on Wednesday (31 October 2007). Every year I have a tradition of dressing up and going out to scare kids around Lan Kwai Fong. This year I was so tied up with work I almost missed it. I really didn't feel like hitting the streets or dressing up. I was even going to go to the Take Out Comedy Halloween party as myself (with black painted nails only) but at around 6:30pm, I just stopped my work and got up and organized a DIY costume :). I thought to myself, heck it's once in a year anyways, I have a great time going out taking photos and playing with the crowd so why not! It was so cool at the party, then I headed out and then turns out my friend Adam from Spermatic Chord was playing at the California Entertainment Building and I joined him for improvised drumming and beatboxing for a while. It was so cool, first time I've played drums for him for a whole show!
I'll see if I can get my hands on a full-body picture of me in my Halloween outfit because all the pictures I have are head shots only (yay to arm-length photography).

And today is Friday. I've finally calmed down and got my focus back and I'm ready to rock at my work again. I got to go on the Suzie Wong Radio show today in the afternoon to talk about my Chinese Stand-up Comedy experience and it was quite fun. I realized I really do enjoy just chit-chatting and joking around. It brought back memories of City University's Web Radio show I used to do with my friend Daniel (who I met today). In case you click on the link, the blue-colored show on the top-right corner is the one I was in (yep, that's me on the right with my tongue sticking out :P).

And now comes the weekend. The weather's cooler and life is turning good lately. My projects are calming down and I'm finally hitting the point where I'm under more and more control of everything. I'm more focused than before partly because I'm finally realizing a lot of things about life. So today is my Day 10 entry and I really should have a lesson or something wise to say. Well let's just say that sometimes when you just have faith, things work out. I'm not talking no religious faith, I'm talking faith in yourself that you know what, you're not retarded, you do it, it just works out. Stand up comedy has long been something I've been interested in, I just always filed it under Someday/Maybe (Yes, all you GTD lovers, I am a GTD guy, too). Today, it's filed under I did it! :) It's a good feeling.

My friend Bun's leaving in a couple of weeks so I'll be hitting the camping trail with him sometime. He took me up to Mount Davis once to see the view of Hong Kong and omfg! WOAH! It's so refreshing, just like the view from the Lookout point near the Ching Ma Bridge! He never fails to take me to places that inspire and relax me at the same time. I get into this meditative state whenever we're out in the wilderness or just away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Heck I get inspired when I just hang out with him! He helped me a lot with my Chinese stand up comedy's material by being honest and critical about every joke I have. His special lady friend Sally helped out a lot, too! I get both their perspectives and work stuff out. If it weren't for the two of them, I'd probably be making cheap jokes in Cantonese and would never have this lovely trophy on my desk (unless they made pirated knock-off's! :P).

Anyways, it's time for me to head back into reality and get some stuff done. Tune in next time, I may have a tonne more happy stories to share with you. If not, well, make my life interesting somehow.

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