11 November 2007

Bun departs

... and so the day has come. My good, good friend Bun leaves for Germany tonight. I must say, I'm a bit bummed out as I can't just give him a ring every now and then and meet him for lunch or something when I'm down in central every now and then. Well, actually I can give him a ring every now and then (yay for overseas calls!) so it's not all bad, but then again I'll stick to good ol' msn I suppose :)

So many things we were supposed to do but since we're both workaholics, it's so damn hard to find time when you're already making time out of a tight 24 hours a day. Bun and I have come a long way as friends and productivity-maniacs. Yes, we're both synergy-fanatics where we really strive to compliment each other and find people who compliment us. It's hard to explain but think of it this way, we push each other's potential to the max. Bun has taught me a lot when it comes to the physical outdoors, he's taken me to lots of places and opened my mind up to many new horizons in Hong Kong. He's helped me through some tough times and if you remember, he was the one who was with me when I got my lovely pink shoes :) My happy shoes!

I used to push Bun to be as productive as he humanly be and talked him through a lot of confused times he went through before. It's not like I'm losing him as a friend or anything, it's just that he'll be in Germany bettering himself and I'll be here striving towards all my goals. As my mom told me once, strive for the moon and even if you don't succeed, at least you'll be amongst the stars. That has really stuck because every time we aim towards our goals and when we don't succeed, we feel bummed out with failure when actually we're still a vast improvement over what we used to be. I'll give you an example with my freelance web business. Few months ago, I was still a mess but now even though I haven't reached that level of perfection I would like to be at, I still have come a long way since day 1. I've learnt so much along the way I don't know where to start, I've learnt to adapt to so many things I never thought of and I've taught myself how to deal with things better.

Bun will be coming back in around a year's time most probably and we were both joking about how it'll be one year later after seeing where we were one year ago! So much has happened! I was in his office two days ago helping him pack some stuff up and we came across some video tapes we had filmed down last year! We came across some DVD print-outs of an educational video I acted in while Bun directed! Man, that was ages ago and the coolest thing is we had fond memories of the whole experience and could stop and just laugh about what a great time we had doing that all. Where life was seemingly so much easier back then :)

I guess Bun and I are both at stages of our lives where we're defining who we are and really making futures for ourselves. The cool thing about the both of us is that we have the energy and passion to strive for what we want. We're men of honor and prefer to win with dignity rather than just win. I guess we see the deeper level of success. I mean if our goal of success is to be rich, we could either make the money or win the lottery. Both ways we'd achieve our goal, but one way is with honor, the other is meaningless. Sometimes I do get told off for my view of "with meaning". I mean the world's so different now, things like chivalry and stuff barely exist even though I'm one of the guys who enjoys it. I mean I just somehow enjoy opening the door to the taxi for, say, my mother and stuff. I guess it's much like she enjoying cooking a good meal and watching someone enjoy it. The effort is paid off with the final outcome. Speaking of my mother, I took her out on Friday since it was Diwali to Haagen Dazs and after ages, we actually sat in the restaurant and ate and chatted. It's been ages since I took my mom out alone but it's nice and I enjoy that :). I bumped into my friend Adam while he was busking with his musical buddies and asked me to join but I was going home with the mother person so maybe next time :).

Music's cool, I've been practicing my drums a lot more disciplined lately, it's getting back into a good habit where I want to practice my seemingly boring exercises. I'm still trying to see which musical direction I want to go towards right now, although I'm still debating over drum 'n' bass or Afro-Caribbean, still pondering. There's so much to learn in just drumming! It's awesome!

The other night I was eating dinner with my uncle when he told me that I really do do a lot with my life. You know, I never really stopped to realize how much I do do each day :P I guess it becomes the norm after you do it for so long. Everyday I keep trying to think of ways where I can reduce the time it takes me to do stuff so I have more time to do more things. I guess I really am working hard to be as lazy as I can. Like I said before, I hate, hate, hate redundant work and so whenever I find myself repeating myself, I automatically try to find another way to get the job done. In many ways, it's kind of like investing now so I get returns in the long-run. Like today, I finally figured out a whole system of filing all my bank statements so I don't need to have folders and folders packed with papers that I have to physically mull through each time I want to check something. Now it's all digitized :)

But this brings me to my next topic, where when you do something a new way, 10 other necessities creep up. What do I mean? Now that I have my documents mostly digitized, I need to think of a better backup solution for myself. I have a simple method that I'm happy with, but as you should know by now, I'm only happy when stuff is totally automated and right now, the way I do it requires me to.....literally.........click.... once. And I'm not happy with it :P Remember how I hate repeating myself? Well needing to click the same button daily sucks in my books.

Hopefully in 10 days, I'll have sorted out some more systems for myself and my business to speed things up even more.

So what's today's big Day 10 entry topic? Well that today marks the day Bun and I go our ways for a while and make life for ourselves. I look forward to seeing how things turn out a year later when our forces reunite :) Where do I see myself in a year? Scuba diving after jumping off of a helicopter. Too much? Well let's just say I'm striving for the moon and I'll be happy to be amongst the stars in 365 days :)

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