01 December 2007

5:30 am....

Wow, it's December.

The year is reaching its end and all I can do is look back and smile. So much has happened, so much has changed. I started 2007 with the mentality that 2007 is the time for change. Boy oh boy have there been changes, some voluntary, some forced on to me.

I've learnt a lot about myself and quite a bit about the people around me. Some of those who I once considered to be close allies have turned into enemies I distance myself from while some who were once strangers have become my valued companions. I've spent a great deal of time sorting out my life, my goals, my ways of thinking.

I've accomplished so much this year that even when I consider all the shit things that has drowned me in 2007, I can still strike a proud smile of where I am today. I may sound a bit ego-istic now, but I really have spent a great deal of effort and sacrifice to get to where I am today. Most people only see successful people when they are successful without considering the hardships and struggles they went through to get to their final destination. I guess this blog is my journey of where I was to where I am today.

I enjoy keeping a log of my life because whenever I feel like I've hit a plateau, I can really look back and see how far I've come and how far I'm still going. It's like saying the week went by so quickly, but if you really consider, what were you doing last Saturday? Last Sunday and so on? If you break it down, chances are you did quite a lot.

Just today, I really went berserk on one of my projects because it launches this coming Monday and I had to rush quite a lot of work. It's times like these that all that hard work of refining my skills and tools and learning to be efficient becomes worth it. It's like when you're given 5 minutes to do what on average takes 10 minutes to do, you not only have to be twice as fast, you have to be twice as efficient. Increasing speed on an inefficient object is just increasing the wasted efforts. Improving efficiency means the same speed accomplishes more now because of reduced wasted efforts. That's always been my goal, to eliminate waste around me. I even managed to squeeze in proper drum practice, going to the gym, meeting friends for a drink as well as writing this entry. Sure it's not a day 10 entry but I just felt like sharing my feelings now that I've noticed I've built some sort of an audience :).

I guess the peace at this hour of the day really brings about an emotional trip where you just want to sit and let the breeze hit your face as you close your eyes and visualize the ideal life. In many ways I know what I want to achieve, although I've realized that a lot of the time, what in theory feels good, very often may not be true. But at least I have a general direction and set of goals I want to achieve. A lot of them I have already done.

Anyways, my brain's really starting to shut off now, I better hit the sack. Happy snoozing!



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