22 December 2007

Sleepy on a Saturday

Wow, I'm actually feeling quite sleepy right now. I guess I didn't sleep too well last night because my younger cousin kept nagging at me this morning because she was bored and so I got around 5 hours worth of proper sleep.

It's already Saturday and everyone's getting into a festive mood everywhere I look. I'm just working out some projects as well as kinks in my own work flow everyday so that when the new year unrolls, I'll be rocking as smoothly as possible.

I've got my Chinese comedy performance tonight at the Take Out Comedy Shop. That'll mark the last Chinese show of this year. I need to write more material so I can swap bits around.

Today should be a Day 10 entry but all I can say is that I've really trained myself to focus more although sometimes I fall off track because I'm trying to focus on too many things at the same time. I've learnt to set priorities better but when I feel exhausted, no amount of self-discipline will do anything for me. I just feel tired and lazy then. I haven't been doing my breathing exercises because when I wake up, it's usually to a start where I have to be up and running immediately or when I sleep I'm so tired I just want to sleep and shut down.

I spent a lot of last night working out kinks in my work flow as well as my computer because the more I work, the more I realize I can't afford any down time so I have to be ready to take on any obstacles I face technically. I also need to have a proper reference system for every project I do, kind of like a project template that takes care of every aspect of it from emails to the fonts used in the project so that if a year later I come back to it, I'm good to go immediately.

Anyways, let's see, I'll probably hit the shower in a bit to wake myself up, but right now... oh wait wait wait! I have good news to share!!!

I bought a new electronic drum kit!!! The Roland TD-12k (Black)!! Woohooo! I have to order it and it'll arrive probably in February 2008, but it'll be here! Take a look at this:

That my friend is sexy! It was time I upgraded from my lovely TD-6k drum set I got 2 and a half years ago because I need the better equipment for my playing now. Hopefully I can even move this drum set into my room and it'll be quiet enough so that I can play at night when I'm just sick of working on some projects. Also, I'll be able to connect it to my computer directly and do recordings immediately when I get any ideas.

I'll let you know how much I love the TD-12k set when I get it! :D Have a good weekend!

Update: I took an hour's nap and I'm all charged up now! :D

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