12 December 2007

Things are happening!

Things are happening so fast I myself can't even seem to keep up! It's only been 10 days since my last entry but boy have things changed! Once again I'm reminded of the power of just 24 hours! I won't go into specifics, but things that me and my friends were complaining about one night fixed itself in less than 24 hours by what seemed like a miracle!

Things are happening! Life is moving and I'm chasing it more than it's chasing me! Life is a performance and I've really become quite the performer and I'm loving it. After you do stuff a few times, you digest it and all those butterflies wear away before the show. Just tonight, I went for the English open mic and then joined my friend Belle at her birthday celebration and did some stand up for her and her guests. It's getting quite fun as I have material that I've really digested internally and can pick at any time for any situation. I guess it's just a matter of time before I have enough to do more improvised shows.

Things are happening! My band is finally coming to terms and we can see the potential of performances in the near future. I'm also playing drums for a band called Crazimals and I'll be performing in Kwun Tong this coming Saturday ( 15 Dec 2007). After doing stand up, playing live in a band feels like no challenge because I'm not only sheltered by my drumset, I even have other band guys so I feel really safe and not nervous at all. I finally understand when professional performers often say they don't practice much. They've internalized all their stuff to the point it is part of what defines them. In many ways a lot of things I do now defines who I am and it just does itself without me having to do much. I used to read books on music which taught me one golden thing. Practice all you need to, but when it comes to performance time, throw it all away and just play with the flow. This is so true! Whenever I let go, I perform my best! I find that when I play the drums while thinking like I'm a third person watching myself play, I play the best. My hands and feet know where to go and I just sit back and watch them do their thing. Hours and hours of hard practice is paying off a lot now :)

Practice then throw it all away. That's today's Day 10 teaching from me. It goes with everything. When you find that you have to waste effort in thinking what you're doing even after all that practice, you're really still practicing because obviously your system isn't perfect yet. This goes for my work as well, I'm slowly getting things running smoother and smoother every day and I'm not so stressed like I was before in managing myself. I've found systems that work for me through trial and error and understanding what I like and don't like. I talked about my hate for redundancy before and it still stands true. My PDA + Outlook set up is perfect for me and it has not yet failed me. It's working so well that I can get so much more done and I'm more confident in myself when it comes to trusting I won't forget to do something. The cool thing is, even if one of my systems screw up, I still always have a backup on the other system that I synchronize. The most I'll lose is a day's worth of information :).

I'm still working out a lot of other kinks for myself which sometimes really drive me round the bend because I have to experiment so much! But once I find something that works, boy oh boy does it feel good. I've started using Synergy to hook up my PC and Mac and this is just one example of things revolutionizing the way I work! Now I can put away my extra keyboard I used to have plugged into my Mac! Not only do I save on having to use a different keyboard, I save space on my desk! It makes a big difference having that extra space there! Oh man, if I keep going, I don't know if I'll ever stop! In just 10 days, so much has happened!! :D

Every time things get better, I keep remembering that early morning when it was raining heavily and I walked up the mountain all frustrated with where my life was and yelled it all out. I had a calm sense that told me greatness was ahead of me. I had no idea how drastically my life would change in just a few months. Sigh. As much as we're nearing 2007, I still feel like so much more can happen in these next few weeks so I'm not feeling any of that "wow, the year's already over?!" but more like I'm excited to see where 2008 will take me. I was talking to my band guys and watch out for us, 2008 is going to be our year to explode in Hong Kong's music scene. We've put in a heck of a lot of effort to perfect our art and we're pumped!

So again, today's Day 10 lesson is practice all you need but when it comes time to perform, throw it all away and go with the flow. This is true for literally everything in life. :) Enjoy!

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