28 December 2007

Yesterday's missed entry

Argh! I never got a chance to write an entry yesterday. I was aiming to write one entry a day until the new year comes in so I could see how I prepared myself for 2008... woo I start typing this and I get 3 phone calls one after another. You see what I mean by I had no time?

I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'm happy that my life is so busy, exciting and packed and thank goodness I spent all that time working out my ways of managing my time and myself otherwise today I'd be so overwhelmed by everything! Yikes!

Even today was a long, long day with a lot happening, but let's go back to yesterday. So yesterday, I took care of my personal fitness plans and worked out some brand spanking new exercises for use in the gym. Personally, the new exercise I came up with for my chest really, really works! Woah, I didn't strain myself but it sure kept my muscles at maximum intensity and tension throughout the work out! I need to work out an aerobic plan but I'll stick to my good ol' jogging around the race track with music in my ears, it's so therapeutic. Most people who see me often say "you go to the gym?!", yes, yes I do, I'm no Mr.Buff Guy but I go to the gym and I lift weights. I've always been the relatively skinny type and that means I don't portray a buff image, which is fine by me because I honestly do this for myself because working out is totally a me-me-me time for myself where I'm 100% selfish. While I'm at the gym, I'm extremely anti-social. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rude, if I see someone I know, I'll say hi, but don't expect me to do a set of exercises and stand around chit-chatting, I'm not there for that. I'm there for an hour in-and-out.

During the hour that I'm at the gym, my mind cares about one and only one thing -- me. My eyes are focused on the weights, my ears are ripping through the heaviest of metal music I have, my nose and mouth are performing synchronized and controlled breathing while the rest of my body is working out. I love it.

The coolest thing about my work outs now is that all the time I spent before researching and learning more about fitness is paying off. Not to show off, but there are people who I see regularly at the gym who seem to still be at the same level they were at a few months ago not because they don't come regularly, but because they cheat. Cheat with bad technique. There are a lot of exercises people can cheat in, one of them is the bicep curl where people swing their arms and use their shoulder muscles to assist so they can lift more weight. I'll admit it, my arms are total shits, I usually lift around 8kg per arm while most guys next to me do nothing less than 14kg. I admit, my arms are weak but at least I know I'm doing a full 8kg on my biceps :). And to be frank, I don't give a crap if people look at me and snicker at what weights I'm lifting. Like I said, I'm there for myself so laugh all you want :)

And this brings us to today, Friday. Ah, good ol' Friday. I've had a long, long day already so far with meetings and interviews and now I'm finally home. I've got to sit down and get some work done tonight but hopefully if all goes well, I'll be meeting my friend to go for a nice, relaxing drive later at night. I could use that :). Wow another phone call... sheesh. So anyways, today's goals is to try as much as possible to clear up my room. I've got a lot of work to get done still and I'm actually quite tired already right now which is not a good sign I must say. Speaking of work, I even need to prepare for the new song I'm playing for Crazimals on Sunday. Yikes, I haven't had a proper chance to work on that!

Anyways, I'm going to eat some dinner and try to get what I aimed to accomplish today done. Good luck to me, check back in the next 24 hours!



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