27 December 2007

Days away from the new year

There's only a week left before the new year kicks in so I'm slowly ticking off things I want to get done in preparation for the new year. One of them was to re-tune and re-set my drum set in my band room. I spent a total of 7 hours today disassembling, tuning and re-assembling my entire monster of a drum kit! I am so exhausted and my ears are really, really tired! But there's still a lot waiting for me to get done tonight and all I can say is bring it on! Raah!

Check out the lovely pictures of my final kit. Notice my DW 5002 pedals aren't present. I didn't want to have to lug it to the bandroom and back home today. I hope the space I left is just right. Based on my foot and leg's comfort, the little gap between the hi-hat pedal and the legs of the snare drum is where my left foot feels most comfortable when I simulated playing double pedal.

Also, I haven't set up my mics either because after 7 hours, I was exhausted, hungry and I had to rush to catch the train back home! For all you drummers who are drooling right now, I don't suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)... anymore :P But all I can say is long live the 2nd-hand market! Every piece on my drum set, except for the following, is 2nd-hand! :D
  • Zil-Bel
  • Drum sticks
  • Pearl Stand holding the HH Heavy 20" Sabian Ride
So now you all know the kit that's making all the racket in my band room :P... I pity our neighbors...



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