29 December 2007

I'm exhausted but still need to keep going

Woah, I'm really mentally exhausted and I could really use a good 1 hour break today but I have to keep going because a lot still has to happen before today ends.

I just came home from meetings and they all went very well, but I'm just tired. I have to say, it felt good to come back to a neat room for a change (I cleared it up all of last night) and all I have left is to create a proper inbox for myself so that at times like now (where I'm so tired, I just don't care), I have a place to chuck my stuff temporarily. For example, my backpack is currently on my bed when I really should put it under my organ but when I came into my room, I was just so exhausted I couldn't care about cleanliness at that moment.

Weeee, more interruptions! It's almost 6pm and I still haven't had a proper chance to practice the song I'm supposed to be drumming tonight. Yikes! Anyways, I better get to it as I have a lot of things to tend to today and I've got like 30 minutes before I need to eat dinner and run!

I'll have to update this entry later today. Right now, it's 5:55pm on Saturday, 29th December 2007. I wonder when I'll update this entry again.

5 hours and 10 minutes later....
Wow, it's 11:05 pm! I just got home and am enjoying a nice bowl of granola cereal. I love my cereal! So what has happened during this time?
Well a lot!
  • I learnt the whole song I was supposed to play for crazimals (OK, it isn't the toughest of songs)
  • I practiced that song
  • I ate my dinner
  • I went to Mong Kok and jammed with them for 2 hours
  • I walked back home
And here I am :) So what else is pending to be done tonight? A lot! Yikes! I need to sort out a few more things in my room, practice my feet/hand drum exercises and also sort out my reading material. There's a lot of stuff I need to get back to reading so I better sort out what comes first!
You know, I really enjoy filling my room with background music while I work, it just keeps things alive for me, but I'm having problems sorting out my speakers. I'm still trying to figure out how I can set everything up to literally surround myself with sound waves! My aim is to get this done before the new year... but there's one catch. I'm not allowed to see wires everywhere!
"Go wireless!" I hear you saying. Why of course, that's the easy way out, but my goal is to use my current set up and figure out a solution. I've come to really enjoy trying to work around my limitations and trying to push what I have to the max rather than just find an alternative. Sure, sure, in some ways I'm kind of re-inventing the wheel where I'm trying to find a solution when there is a better alternative out there, but at least it makes me get all creative (and frustrated)! It's a good exercise, too!

So what have I accomplished today in my journey towards the great new year? Well like I said, I was busy and stuff, but I guess in a way today was a day I enjoyed my accomplishments of this year where I found myself meeting clients, playing music and just enjoying the comforts of the life I've made for myself :). So off I am to enjoy the rest of the night! Have a great weekend!

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