19 January 2008

I did 20 minutes of Chinese!

Woah! What a night! We did a Cantonese Stand-up Comedy show (first time ever in Hong Kong!) at Champs Bar in Charterhouse and boy it was awesome! It still hasn't registered in my head right now that it happened but woah! I loved every bit of it! You have no idea how nervous I was before the show, the pressure, the expectations from others as well as myself! Yikes!

The cool thing is I'm getting more and more comfortable playing with the audience now. I guess I get an edge because I can mess with people without worrying about getting my ass kicked because after all, we're at a comedy club right!? People were really friendly tonight, I mean they all really played along even thought some were shy. I knew there would be shy people so I tried to work it out with them, it was all good in the end really.

I have to say this is a proud and happy feeling right now. It's slowly sinking into my head that this happened tonight because like I said before, this is all a dream to me, now it's like a bonus of a dream! I'm just so excited that this whole thing is taking off like this! Tonight is a historical for all of us Chinese comedians because it's the first time something like this has ever happened in Hong Kong, but at the same time this is a milestone in my life as well! I mean, now I can officially say I've headlined both in English and Chinese! In many ways the pressure is so much more because you know people are totally expecting a certain level of quality from you and I mean to be honest, I know I'm not bad, but because this has all happened so fast, it hasn't sunk into me properly what level I'm really at. I mean let's compare this to my drumming. Now I'm not boasting because if you asked me to tell you what I need to improve on, I could go on and on and on, but after 2 and a half years of drumming, I've gained a certain amount of confidence in my skills that even when surrounded by others, I know at least I'm at a certain level. But with my comedy, I guess I just need time and experience and it'll sink in, but until then, it does me no good to doubt myself or anything so I just go with it and do my best. Hey like I said, this is all a dream, if I end up totally screwing up, I'll just pinch myself and wake up :).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so glad for you. u made my day.

19 January, 2008 06:53  
Blogger cheryl said...

oh damn hottie you're here let's hook up!!! (virtually...) sorry i didnt make it, duuuuhhhh... yay but this Sat i finally am able to make my way outta central for a weekend sounds EXCITING eh ;D

25 January, 2008 02:07  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahaha you pick the worst times! I'll be in Central at the comedy club on Saturday but until around 11, after that I have to go for a late, late night jam session with my band :P

25 January, 2008 03:31  

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