04 January 2008

Just a quick thing I'd like to share

I was reading Photography Foundations for Art and Design, Third Edition: A Practical Guide to Creative Photography and it quoted a passage from the book The Photographer's Eye and it made me realize how I'm living the life of a photographer. Not in the sense that I'm a photographer, but in many ways the way I have to deal with everyday is like a photographer has to deal with the world around him/her.

To quote out of context is the essence of the photographer's craft. His central problem is a simple one: what shall he include, what shall he reject?

I've talked about how my life isn't about what to do but what not to do. It's just like a photographer who has too many photo opportunities around him but only a roll of film that can take 36 photos. That's like how I have so much I want to and can do, but I only have 24 hours a day to do it. I guess I'm at that phase where I'm trying to find myself because the world is so great yet I'm so small, but I want to make a positive impact on it.

Well I just thought I'd share :).



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