11 January 2008

It's been 10 days...and new TD-12K's!

Woah, January 11th already! Time feels like it's flown by but lucky me, I've been keeping a written record of what's happened so far.

Of course, a lot. Duh.

First, I thought for all of you who haven't seen my article in the SCMP, check it out, but if you're not in the mood to read, this ought to wake you up. This is the image that was featured on half the page!

Bahaha, totally suits me :)

Anyways, it's a Day 10 entry today and life's been tough with a lot happening (as usual!) but one thing I wanted to point out is that my band is finally coming together! We had a killer jam session on Wednesday! I'm talking seriously killer, like we played continuously for 5 hours straight! I was dead exhausted afterwards but it was well worth it. Everyday we end up calling each other saying "I want to play again...." but we have to wait till next Tuesday when we're all free to hit the audio waves. Speaking of music, my new drums have arrived!!!! My lovely, sexy TD-12K's are here! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!! I got a phone call from Tom Lee today while I was out and of course, I didn't have the receipt with me so I couldn't go sort out the rest of the payment but I'll try to do it by Sunday (I want to do it tomorrow, but I guess Sunday is best). Do you know how excited I am right now!?!?!? This is freaking awesome! I just hope I can move it into my room without being too noisy so the neighbors don't kick my ass from all the thumping. My bass drum playing has become a heck of a lot lighter than before already so this should be a good sign. Let's see. The only thing I'm worried about is that only the drums use mesh heads, the rest (ie. Hi-hat and cymbals) all are normal plastic which means they'll still be noisy when I hit them, so I suppose I'm going to have to leave proper drum practice to do the day and hand and feet exercises to the night. Another reason I want to put the drums in my room is so that I can record my tracks on the computer! I practice looking out the window and the computer's behind me, recording away! Ahh, I'll have to experiment a bit.

I'll also have to say farewell to my beloved TD-6V drum set. It has served me extremely well throughout these 2 and a half years. Before I let it go, I'll take a few sexy pictures of it :). It's seen me go through a lot in my life just like my computer, just like my family. To be honest, as stupid as this sounds, the TD-6V drums have really defined who I am today. If it weren't for them, I'd be someone else, for one I'll be a much, much shittier drummer due to lack of practice. I'm sell the drums to my good friend who's a beginner drummer so honestly, this is a perfect kit for him. As for me, I've evolved and grown in my skills and abilities so the TD-12K's are what I need now for my level.

Here's a sexy side by side comparison of the two:

Anyways, enough about my new drums. Well for my band, I always feel like we have a long way to go, but we've gotten to a point we're all happy with our level and are ready to show the world! So get ready Hong Kong! There's a new Metalcore band coming to down to blow you away! Don't get me wrong, we're no show-off band. We really do play from the heart. We're four guys who love this music. Speaking of the four of us, a lot of people have the wrong perception of people who are into this kind of music. Everyone thinks we're aggressive, smokers and just plain demonic. First of all, none of us smoke (which is a big plus for me, this was my dream as a band), all of us are really kind-hearted people. I always say, we take out all our anger and aggression in our music, leaving us with souls of nice-ness :) As for being demonic, well we do talk about the painful side of life in our lyrics, but not to the point of going down into hell because there's enough of it here on earth already.

Anyways, regarding my band, there's a lot left to do. First of all, I'm in charge of the website along with all things creative, which means everything! Yikes! Well why not, I know I can handle it, it's just a matter of managing myself properly right?

Anyways, today's day 10 entry is an entry of celebration. After being in this band for a long and hard two and a half years, we are finally complete, confident and serious. This is an entry to say you know what, if you keep at it, and you want it bad enough, it will happen. This band has been a dream to me for a long time, I've worked hard at my drumming, I've studied a lot of other metalcore bands, I've taken the time to understand our music and now I finally reap what I've sowed.

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