03 February 2008

Eve of Sin - Hong Kong Metalcore Band

That's right! My band's website is finally up! Go check out my band: Eve of Sin!

So I'm totally exhausted right now from everything so I'm going to take a shower, lay in bed and watch a movie followed by just crashing into a good snooze. I'm just really mentally and physically tired today. I need to catch up on rest for a long week ahead.

I've got a slight cough which cannot be a good thing but that's probably due to the late nights, lack of exercise and me just being plain stupid with the amount of clothes I've been wearing (stupid as in not enough clothes).

I've been playing around with some new web technologies and so far I'm in that "frustration" stage where you're experimenting and nothing seems to make sense to you at all. I think I better go back to the way I know I can learn -- books. Probably go hit the library tomorrow and see if I can find a book on the topic and try my best to burn through the pages and understand what I'm trying to do! I'm going to end this post here before I go on rambling about nonsense now that my brain is half shut off.

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