02 February 2008

It's on!

Something clicked in me this morning and I'm all powered up to get things done all of a sudden! It's like as if I've just come back from a long vacation and now just want to get down to work! The good news is, as usual, I have a lot of work! The even better news is that I'm doing Stand-up Comedy tonight (Back-to-back, Chinese and English shows) so it'll be fun and then once I get back, I'll work out my stuff.

My room's a mess....again but I think I'm going to clear it up right after I finish writing this post. Sigh, so many things I want to do and so limited time to do them in! :( I finally picked myself up and got back into my breathing exercise routine. I'll probably need to stick to it for half a week before I see any "energy-raising" effects again. I've just been feeling mentally drained these last few days :\. A lot going through my head but all in good fun.

We had a really intense jam session last night and I'm totally looking forward to our gig on the 16th Feb 2008 at DM Plus. Rah! We're finally almost ready for that show now with everything worked out. We'll be playing 4 songs but it comes to around 20 minutes which is perfect. The crowd, those that decide to mosh and go nuts, will definitely be worn out after 20 minutes of our music. I have to say, the show's a bit pricey for a local band show selling tickets at $80! But I suppose that's also because they have a killer line-up! Woooo!

Anyways, I need to go see to my work and get my room cleared up so I can think again. It's freaking freezing cold now and I just took a warm shower (which may be the reason why I'm so pumped to do stuff now) so before I start to get stiff and cold, I better move around! See ya!

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